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    Originally posted by Bryan Nystrom
    [B]It will be a sortable, filterable, groupable list.

    If you are familiar with our DayNotez Desktop "Custom" view, then that should give you some idea of it's flexability. We'll start out somewhat simple and enhance the product if there is enough demand and interest. /B]
    I have a question regarding the logging of data calls using a dial up ISP. When looking at the call log, there is no record of the call.

    Is there a way to log the amount of time (minutes) on line with data calls?

    Thank You
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    Comet only gathers the information that the Treo stores in the Call History Log. If the Treo doesn't record the event there, then Comet has no record of it. (The Call History Log is the information seen in the phone app on the last display where you can see incoming and outgoing calls).
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