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    I have just purchased a Treo 90 and I cannot sync with my computer. I am using a laptop with OS9.1 running. I have usb connection and my computer never shows my user name. When I try to sync I get an error message of -192. I can sync from the Treo to the laptop and it says it is successful but the information is never there. Any ideas? Let me add that I have found out I can get rid of the error code if I launch the hotsync app manually from the palm folder. However, I still cannot see my user name in the pull down menu or sync with the Treo. I am using a Mac computer.
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    i had this problem, too. first, make sure you're running handspring's version of the desktop and don't have any previous palm versions on your computer. that includes any other user folders as well.

    also, i've found it helpful to try syncing right after a restart (don't start any other applications first -- they seem to 'corrupt' the usb connection). i would also plug and unplug the sync cable right before the restart.

    i'm not sure why these worked, but it eventually did.

    now i use handspring's 4.0 desktop in os X and i don't need to do anything crazy like this.

    good luck.
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    A few thoughts:

    It sounds like your Palm software may be in the wrong area, so it can't find the HotSync application. When mine wouldn't sync, I had re-installed the software in the wrong place. I would do an uninstall, and then re-install.

    I also had a corrupt Palm Users file, so I dragged my old data to the trash, and created a new identity with the same name, and then re-sync-ed.

    No problems now. Hope that wasn't too confusing!
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    Thanks for the input. I finally just loaded the new version of Palm OS on my OSX partition of my laptop. It nows works just fine. I can sync easily and see my user name just fine. I never could get it work with OS9 and the old version. Dont know why...

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