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    I currently am on the $85/mo, 2000 AT minutes with unlimited Vision plan. As I went into the SPCS web site today to look at various things, I noticed that the My Plan tab summarized everything correctly about my plan with the exception of stating unlimited Vision. I then called SPCS customer service to verify what I had and the rep indicated that I was correctly coded in their billing system for unlimited Vision.

    Knowing from past experience that SPCS can sometimes screw things up, my question: Is anyone else seeing the same thing on the SPCS web site when they review their plan?
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    My plan at Sprint correctly says Vision Unlimited MB's.
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    Since you must have recently changed your plan to the unlimited, it will take at least one bill cycle for Sprint to show your account correctly on the web. Believe me, Ive been with them for years. When you changed plans, did you have them change over immeadiatly or after your next bill cycle? Ive found it to be a smoother transition if you just let changes to your account happen at the next bill period.
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    I will second the "wait until your next bill cycle" switch.

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