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    I thought Sprint's network automatically adjusted for Daylight Savings/Standard time shifts...I see this did not happen overnight.
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    It does, but in prefs, you need to check the auto network time box, and have wireless on.
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    I have the "auto. network time" feature selected and have wireless on, and have performed a soft reset several times -- I'm still on Daylight Savings time (1 hour fast)??
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    Turn wireless mode off, then back on. Mine didnt update automaticaly eaither.
    Yes, the settings are correct....
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    I noticed the same thing. I even placed a call to see if that would adjust the time. It didn't. Then I logged onto the network via email. That didn't do it either. Only after I left and re-entered the network did the time change. Not very impressive.

    I presume had I "received" a call that the time would be reset at that point.
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    My changed by itself.. I didn't have to turn wireless mode on and off or do any resets....
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    Every other thing I had changed properly (i.e., computers & pocketpcs). Is the PalmOS that dumb that it can't do it itself without Sprint, anyway?
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    Perhaps it's an incoming call that causes the time update via the CID info.
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    So that's what auto-detect network time does. I assumed that it was something that would happen during HotSync.

    I had the correct time on my Treo and turned it on and nothing happened.

    So just for kicks, I turned off the auto-detect and purposely made the time (hours and minutes) incorrect. And then when I turned back on auto-detect, it updated instantaneously.
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    Handspring article on DST support

    The text does not mention the Treo 300 but it does have a useful tip for auto-updating time for DST. Palm OS 4.0 has the auto-update built in - we will have to wait for the next Treo 300 to get this presumably.

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