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    Ok, well, I've had the Treo 300 for about a month and I just today decided to stick with it as my full-time phone/PDA.

    Coincidentally, I was at Circuit City today and they had the new Palm Tungsten T. If you aren't familiar with this new PDA, the new Palm's are using OS5, hi-resolution screens (320x320) and a new processor (175mhz TI OMAP). It does NOT have a keyboard and it isn't a wireless device (neither data nor voice).

    But this new PDA absolutely SCREAMS! It seems almost like a fake demo machine because it is so fast to run any application and switch between apps.

    If you own a Treo 300 (you know how slow it is) and try the Tungsten, the Tungsten seems that much faster. Now I have a dilemma because the Treo 300 is so dog slow to begin with... now that some of the newer OS5 devices are going to start coming out, I'm torn.

    Has anyone figured out how to use Afterburner successfully with the Treo?
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    Yeah afterburner works great with the treo. Up to 48mhz. What is the problem you were having?
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    Originally posted by richlee91
    Yeah afterburner works great with the treo. Up to 48mhz. What is the problem you were having?
    Last time I checked, people were having problems with the phone working. As well as issues with Business Connect.
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    I have not had any problems with the phone. I have not been able to get BC to work but the problems is my PC GPFs when I turn messaging on. (not an overclocking problem
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    try fastcpu ( up to 66mghz!!
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    Doesn't the overclocked CPU affect the SMS/phone/GPRS functions of the Treo? In some past posts, this was discussed as an issue.

    The Treo is a rather slow machine and much slower than the other 33Mhz machines. Would be great if some overclocking program will work without affecting the wireless functions of the Treo.

    Can someone reconfirm this?
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    I'm posting this from a 300 overclocked on some apps to 46 mhz using Afterburner 3.1 (prior versions not recommended for the Treo's VZ CPU). With limited experimentation, I have been able to call my voice mail and get on the web. Recognition of the modem is erratic, and an IR keyboard doesn't work. Still, Blazer works a lot better as does AvantGo (which I synched wirelessly while overclocked).

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