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    Hey dudes

    My sis is considering the purchase of a Treo 300 in San's the reception there? She works near the Pyramid building, so thats where she would need the best reception

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    Hello HasanDaddy.

    I'm live in San Francisco and have been using treo300 for two weeks now. My main location is around New Montgomery St. (near Market St. and 3rd St. Kinda same area as your sister's)
    And the reception is just fine. I can use mail, sms, webs, and talking even in buildings.

    I hope this post helps your sister little bit. Somebody works in the pyramid?

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    I've been using my Treo300 at a client site for the last couple months. They are located right near fisherman's warf. So far, everywhere I use it in SF I'm getting a great signal. Hope that helps.

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    yup. i live within a mile from the pyramid & the reception seems to be fine in that area & everywhere else in the city, that i've used the treo 300.
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    Add my voice. I work within a mile of the Pyramid and I'm very pleased with the Sprint service. Far better than ATT or Cingular.
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    I'm down on the Peninsula (Palo Alto area) and go from San Jose to San Mateo with some regularity - signal strength has been excellent including data access. This was a pleasant surprise as my i705 would not connect 3 out of 4 tries.
    another happy treo <b>600</b> user.
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    thanks dudes!

    I'm gonna forward these messages to my sis!
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    I spent the summer in San Jose with a Sprint PCS phone. Although I've been pretty satisfied with it in other cities, the service there was VERY spotty. No problem on the freeways and major streets, but some areas in the Cisco Systems buildings were dead in one spot (15 feet from the window), then spotty/clear at the window. My apartment in SJ-Japantown area was also very inconsistent despite having full signal bars on my phone.

    But the ironic thing is when my calls consistently dropped while driving past the SPRINT PCS STORE on McCarthy in Milpitas.

    Maybe it's better now, but if I ever go back to NorCal, I'd seriously consider Verizon or AT&T Wireless instead.

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