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    My Treo went crazy today.

    It seems like it's experiencing something akin to 100% CPU usage.. Periodically, the unit does not respond to screen taps, and sometimes not even keystrokes. These seem to get queued up, however, and then all at once acted on.

    I got so frustrated I even hard reset the device (don't believe Backup Buddy when it says it will come back just like you left it.. NOT..). The problem seems to be transcending hard resets. I am now selectively adding software back to see if it occurs again. The only likely culprit at this time seems to be Launch 'Em, which is odd, considering it's been working like a champ for almost the entire time I've had the Treo.

    ANYONE seen anything like this? I'm going nuts here!
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    An update.. It seems to not be software related. The Treo hung for several seconds at the end of a hotsync on the tones that accompany the end, making a death-like boooooooooooop sound.

    I may take it back to the Sprint store tomorrow and make them exchange it. Not sure yet. Might just try it with NO software installed and see if the problems stick around.
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    My 300 has done something like this a couple of times, although not recently. I had two theories: one, that it was processing something that took a lot of CPU time, two that it was hack related.

    I just have a couple of hacks on it now, and when it locks up, I just wait a bit. it finishes what it was doing, and I'm on the way again--but in my case, this takes, I would guess, a minute or less.

    Hope this helps...
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    I purposely left hacks off on the last go 'round, and it didn't help the problem. Ominously, while waiting for my input at some place or another, it will occasionally beep as if a key that was not a valid option was being pressed. However, when left in a text field, nothing will "self-type", all of which, of course, keeps me questioning my own sanity.

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