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    Hello, first of all thanks to anyone who can help me.
    The other day (2 days ago) i bought my Samsung N400 smartphone. Everything worked great.....or so i thought.

    The main "use" in which i bought this phone would be for the wireless web/email capabilities, since i already had a phone for just.....speaking.

    I got my phone activated, and then realized, with a shock, that the phone can only open a few "specific/special sites". I can't open any HTTP site i want : (

    Also, AIM doesn't seem to work with it. I love the screen, the size, sounds, and color, but that's not why i bought this phone.

    To get to the point, should i exchange it for the Treo 300? I can exchange it at best buy with no problems, and pay the difference.

    My questions are this:
    1) Is the wireless web browser good? Can i access almost any site, exactly like a desktop/notebook? Basic HTML sites such as AOL, Ebay, and even random and generally useless sites like (trying to give examples of basic HTML sites).

    2) Those who bought it, did you like the Screen, sounds, browser, email capability, etc?

    3) Is the Palm OS exactly like a normal PDA?

    PS: I have no problem with handspring hardware, since i'm an OLD handspring buyer. Thanks again!
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    Bump >_< anyone? I need to know before i buy it on, thx
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    First of all, I have both of the phones you mentioned in my household. My wife uses the Samsung and I use the Treo. They are both great phones.

    As for the questions, here is my best shot:

    1) The web browser isn't bad, but it does have some severe limitations if you are expecting IE or Netscape. It tries really hard to make sense of screens that were designed for a 1024x768 screen on a 160x160 size one. It will dynamically determine whether to scale a graphic in order to be able to view it without left-right scrolling, of whether to just display the entire graphic. This has the odd effect of stacking some graphic menu options veritcally when they would normally be displayed horizontally. But the end result is that, although I don't think that any browser would be able to completely satisfy a user of a Palm-sized screen, the Blazer browser at least makes it not a very painful experience. That coupled with the speed of the wireless connection, normal web sites are alright if you absolutely have to get to them, but you wont find yourself browsing graphically taxing sites often.

    You come face to face with how many sites use Javascript (mostly unsupported with Palm-based browsers (please no Xiino zelot commentary, I said mostly)), how much Flash, java, dynamic html, etc there are.

    All in all, you will find yourself gravitating toward sites with built in support for these sorts of browswers, as you inferred. Most blogs have support, as to most news sites. Its like jumping into a cold pool; it just takes a bit of getting used to.

    2) As for the phone itself, if you are used to a regular cell phone, it will take a bit of getting used to. Handspring figured out that using a Palm-integrated phone would change the paradigm a little. The problem is, they try and force you to use their paradigm exclusively. Their assumption is that, most of the time, you are going to want to dial out of your address book, so your first and easiest options are either to hit a speed dial button, or to start typing the users name to find their phone number. To just dial a phone number, you eiher have to jump to a second option, or, by typing the phone number off of the keyboard, the phone will eventuallly figure out you are dialing a number instead of trying to type in a name (a process that can be a little disconcerting to the uninitiated, as it takes quite a few numbers before the phone jumps from your address book to just displaying the number that you are trying to dial.

    It took me a little while to get used to, but now I love it. My wife, however, still doesn't understand it, and hands my phone to me and asks me to dial it when she needs to use it.

    The screen is nice, but isn't sidelit, so it washes out in direct sunlight. It is still readable, so you can still lookup names and dial numbers, but you won't be playing any games.

    The sound and voice quality are good, although the speaker phone feature is a little quiet.

    Email is the "killer app" for this phone, and I use it for email probably more than I use it as a phone. There are a number of good email packages out there (as you can discover by doing a quick search of this list). I was a die hard grafitti bigot before the Treo. I can type twice as fast as I ever could write in grafitti.

    3) As far as how this device is as a Palm, it is almost exactly like a Palm. but closest to a Handsrping Visor. Handspring made some improvements to the Address Book and Scheduler, which Palm should have made years ago.

    I used to carry a Palm M505 and a Motorola Startac along with a cable to connect the two, which was a clunky, cumbersom solution. I then migrated to the Samsung I300, which was alright for the "early adopter" but still left a lot to be desired. It was kind of like carrying around a prototype or a "proof of concept". I am truly happy with the Treo, and the promise of the Smartphone is finally beginning to be delivered upon.
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    Thanks for the reply.
    My main concern with the Samsung is that it can't just open any basic HTML websites, nevermind the javascript.
    The ONLY websites visible on the Samsung are these:

    That limits things a lot. I want to be able to get on basic HTML websites, and have an organiser. A phone, wireless web, and an organiser is what i was looking for. The samsung, unfortunately, just can't deliver all that. using it to type down memos, etc, is just a waste of time. Downloading ANYTHING costs from $1 to $50.

    I feel that the Samsung is for the on-the-go business man, who needs to check the news fast, or has no time to sit on a desk to do it. Emailing is impossible with the Samsung, takes so long to type in the address, heading, body, THEN deliver it -_-

    Once again, thanks for the feedback, this is my last question.
    I just tried connecting to the following sites, but failed on my Samsung. Would any of these work with the handspring? (i made sure to have no animation, background images, etc)

    2. (may not work)

    Thanks again =)
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    Final Bump ^_^
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    Here is the result.

    1) Yes, it comes up, but with the caviat I mentioned earlier. Every Graphic is stacked one on top of the other. Also, keep in mind that there are around 30 graphic images just on the home page, so it takes around a minute and a half to load. Not exactly the type of site that you would want to hit every day just to check out, but you could load it up in a pinch. The problem comes in after you load up the opening screen. Many of the links are actually Javascript links, which Blazer cannot follow. Perhaps Xiino would do better, but there you have it. I would rate this site with one star in terms of being smartphone friendly.

    2) Again, see above about the way Blazer handled the graphics. And MSN is a fairly high graphically intensive web site. Having said that, I didn't have the same problem that I had with EBGames with the Java Links. If you don't mind the download times, the site is pretty forgiving about limited browsers. Now, having said that, there is also a web site called, which is designed for limited browsers. It has much of the same information that the full MSN site has, but it doesn't try and put it all on the first page. Instead, it just presents you with menu options that allow you to drill down to the info you want. I would give the base "full" MSN site 3.5 stars in terms of smartphone readiness, and give the Mobile MSN Site 4.5 stars for smartphone readyness (marked down half a point because there should be SOME content on the main page, but I guess that they had to support those poor souls using WAP, I guess.

    3) Again, you have the graphic stacking, but not as much as any of the other sites mentioned. Web links are hyperlinked, and don't use Javascript. I give this a solid 3.5 stars.

    4) Ahh. Where to start. First of all SHAME ON PDABUZZ for having a site dedicated to PDAs, but not making it obvious where a PDA friendly version of their website might be found. If you go to you will find a stripped down version of their web site. SHAME ON THEM for not having a link off of their home page to this site. I looked over their site and couldn't believe that there wasn't an optimized version. I have found that most "blog" sites usually support this, and that you can usually find them in a /mobile or /avantgo or /wireless directory. I found it through trial and error. Not that their base site doesn't work, but if there is an optimized site, use it. FOR SHAME FOR SHAME FOR SHAME!!!

    Hope this helps.
    -Druce (too much time on my hands. Not!)
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    Thanks again =)

    I don't mind the stacked graphics at all. It's a lot better then starting a gray-screened phone playing snake for 3 hours while i wait for something. Anything at all will entertain me ^_^

    Seems the treo IS a lot better to mobile. My decision i settled. Too bad now i have to order it on amazon, wait for it to arrive, return my samsung, go to sprint store, and activate it

    Oh well, nothing comes fast now a days

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