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    I followed the instructions here to get web clipping on my Treo 300 and it worked great. I would like to have color though since this is a color device. Searching the forum didn't turn up the need info so if anyone help me please do.

    I know it's a matter of installing the proper files. (I don't have a SPH-I300.)
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    Sorry, but you'll never see color on web clipping apps. That technology was developed for the Palm Vii and Palm ViiX. Since those are both monochrome devices, color was never needed.
    Maybe someone can write a hack or another Library file to bring color to those?
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    I think on the I300 the web clippings are in color. It has pqa functionality and is a color palm!
    Need someone to pull the files from and I300 and install them on the Treo.
    Anyone have an I300 that can confirm this and post the web clipping libraries?
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    The PQA's I have written will not show up in color because I never wrote them in color.

    Interestingly enough, when I turn radio mode on while in a PQA, the splash screen is in b/w as well. The clipper application just might have color disabled in it, and the setting carries over?

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