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    why do most of you expect wireless technology to work everytime like a fixed line would? wireless means exactly that, WIRELESS if u want 100% dependability if thats even achievable try a hard line. It is expected to have interuptions on wireless due to coverage holes but some of you cant get it through your thick skulls that nothing is 100% RELIABLE......Geezzz give Sprint a break here people.....Good day
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    While I agree with you that wireless is not 100%, and maybe someday it will be, I do think that most everyone that is b*tching about Sprint isn't complaining about reception holes or wireless service, but their basic lack of customer service, incompetence in managing and servicing their own products, incorrect billing, poor access to a competent human for answers, poor technical competence in answering legitimate questions about their products, etc, etc, etc.

    So I'm not sure why you are railing on people whining about reception - that seems like the least of the problems with Sprint!
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    Yes, djslais, well said. The coverage issue is misplaced. There are certainly many more things to whine about than dropped calls.

    Furthermore, there aren't very many whiners on this board, if you ask me. I think most people are just trying to get legimate questions answered.
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    May be a stupid question/thought, but isn't the start of this thread someone whining about what they perceive as 'whiners'?
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    If your so dissatisfied with sprint this is America and you do have a choice. Just cause you decide to stay with sprint doesnt entitle you to bash all the good people who work there. These guys do a fine job with what little tools they have to help whinning customers who stick with the service because of superior products and services. Did it ever occur that these fine people are not the the ones behind decisions that are made but rather the CEO's....duhhh if any of you have a problem with the way things are done I will gladly provide an address were you can address your concerns and frustrations so you dont annoy the hell out of good techs......ROCK ON previous posting was not in regards to coverage holes but rather wireless technology that whatever carrier offers will not be 100% reliable. give them fine techs a break and shut your pie holes.......Love Jas01
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    Well, nobody expects 3G to work out of the box.. I mean I sure didn't and being in the technology field in a way, I know new things will have glitches etc...

    However, it is quite obvious Sprint was totally unprepared for this and rushed it out.. which is irresponsible. I still have no way to get my once working fine @sprintpcs email.

    Therefore I fault them for this... It isn't the fact that there ARE glitches, but that fact of HOW MANY problems that have been experienced, from website to customer service....

    Something I don't understand is how hard is it to relay to a room of phone support people the same information???

    Everyone on this board has gotten different answers for the same questions... If they had a reliable way to give information to these people, this wouldn't be such a mess.

    If one person is having an issue, in many cases others are also, yet it always seems I am put on hold while they "check".

    All in all Sprint is the best company, alone due to its network.

    So yea, I may be whining, but this isn't Joe and Bobs cellular telephone company. You would expect the 4th largest carrier, who invested millions in TV ads etc to at least be PREPARED before rolling something out.. and to be able to at least give some sort of real answer and/or timeline of fix when you call.

    They will never be the #1, 2, or 3 carrier if they don't get this together... many people on here are more tech minded than the average consumer...

    John and Jane customer would more easily change carriers than look for answers and solutions the way we do here... and luckily this is a great crowd.

    Sorry for the long post.. do not mean to sound negative towards Sprint... but service in this country, everything from fast food orders to telepphone support has really gone down out the window. There is no accountability... the buck doesn't "stop" with anyone, and we the PAYING customers are the ones that get the short end of the stick when it is all said and done.

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    Support different phones with different teams. If I buy a $ 19.95 phone with a $ 10 a month plan I should talk to a simple minded support person.

    If I am trying to get my POP3 email that requires a different rep.


    Load up the Treos with software handpicked to do what most people will need, so that they don't go out and crash their Treo, which costs Sprint endless hours, and worse, an unhappy customer tells 85 others.
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    Listen guys...customer care is for billing plans and any problems you may have regarding your account those those are the simple minded folks but great folks like the majority of us...I agree customer service has deteriorated downward throughout the country. Sprints wireless web dept is where the brighter folks reside. Did you guys know that most their techs have to research all your issues just to try to keep everyone happy? yes it does sound like Sprint dropped the ball here by releasing vision early and now that you understand that give the guys a break. Let them try to help you but dont call them with an attitude it doesnt make things better for you nor them. Who the hell wants to help an *******? If I were them I would want to probably get off the phone with someone who doesnt know how to treat someone in a humanistic way. You treat people the way you would like to be treated. If your impatient thats your deal not thiers. They are there to try to help YOU with whatever little tools available to them capish? Also all you folks buying them treos, seem to think this is a wonder phone and its not. How in the hell does someone expect to view windows environment documents and attachments on a palm platform? or some of you who want to vpn which means going off the vision network....or better yet how about those who use the sprint mail for business purposes its a pop web based email server not much security there for those wanna be business folks. Think logically geezzz....then you have those folks who go trying to change thier password and screen names and mess them selfs up and blame sprint for it...heck your the ones who are out there messing your accounts up. and the best part is when the end user demands his phone to be fixed even though you messed it up.....nothing happens with a wave of a wand .... reality check folks......what Im saying is knowone likes to deal with a rude customer I dont care who you are. I agree the hold times are bad I call in myself and its not the techs fault but rather the higher ups withing them ***** them out. Techs can only listen to you ***** nothing more. Big waste of time because now youve pissed someone off whos there for is AMerica and yes you do have a choice and it doesnt have to be to make other peoples jobs harder then they should be because your not happy with your new toy.......get a life
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    It is people like you who are the complacent consumer lemmings that companies like Sprint are looking for who will put up with poor services and support.

    Sprint will bind us to their contracts at all costs but we are expected to sit like fools for hours on hold for poor service when they do not hold up thier end of the bargain?

    Is this how you EXPECT to be treated?

    When sprint promises services that consumers ae paying a premium for and does not deliver on them, you better believe people SHOULD whine.

    This public forum or Sprint customer support are the only resources outside the legal system which is inacessable or too costly for most.

    If Sprint cares about it's customer service staff and technicians, they should FIX THE PROBLEMS that are causing people to call.

    I don't think anyone has a problem with any representative at Sprint as long as they are able to fix something in a reasonable amount of time.

    As for the technology working out of the box, I DO EXPECT IT TO WORK. And you should too!

    Give Sprint a break?...GIVE US A BREAK!

    Jas01, how long have you worked for Sprint's marketing team?
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    I believe you give Jas01 too much credit...sounds/writes more like a first line support person instead of marketing......

    I do generally give people a break who are trying to help me, but the frustrating thing is that Sprint is so very disorganized in their efforts. It would be acceptable to me if Sprint was able to address VALID (and 99% are valid) issues and then post them in an area so that we the consumer, and they, the manufacturer could LEARN. Instead they have to solve the same issues over and over, and we have to come to a board like this for answers.

    This board IS for whining - that way we have a resource of problems (whines, if you will), and potential solutions. That's far more than Sprint does for any of us. If I had to rely solely on Sprint during the last month for help, my Treo would have met a horrible fate! This board is great...

    My expectation is for a new technology to work, or at least there should be a mechanism for finding answers to problems easily and quickly. Sprint/handspring really hasn't done either.

    Jas01, why don't you get a life....and go away. You've added nothing to this board, as the only 3 posts you've EVER done involved you WHINING ABOUT THIS BOARD!
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    Imagine if Alexander Graham Bell had announced new nationwide telephone service back in 1876 upon discovery that he could send and receive a voice signal between 2 rooms in the same building!

    Sprint, I think you missed a lesson in history.
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    First of all Id like to address I am not in marketing nor in any way attached to sprint. Second the guy who peaks about "my Treo" as if its his only toy or should I say his new toy, needs to grow up. It doesnt take a genious to figure out the treo which by the way I think it's an ugly bulky phone to begin with. If your so tired of sprint and the hold times go else where quit your gwhinning gramps and anyone else that fits this catagory. Sprint puts out wonderful products but then you guys try to make them do things they cant or are unable to accomplish. go else were if you dont like what comes along with being a part of wonderful made the choice to bind to them live with it.....I got alot of solutions to some of the issues the treo faces only because Ive been messing with a few of them, but let it be known there are other much better phones out there that sprint puts out....the treo is tacky in my do give sprint techs a break....they do work hard and dont need pissy attitudes from peoiple who voluntarily signed a contract....long live sprint
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    Jas, you are right. Thanks for making such valuable and intelligent comments. Without people like you, this board would be of no value.

    Thanks again, and keep your intelligent posts coming!
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    Originally posted by jas01
    It doesnt take a genious to figure out the treo
    Fat, dumb, and happy are the words that come to mind here.

    By the way, you spelled genius wrong, you genius.
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    so now instead of turning this into an educational board and problem solve together and me open your eyes to the way it is youve turned it into a hate board. How intelligent and professional is that? no wonder you guys are on here whinning. If it doesnt go your way you whine, if you dont get it your way you your whinning about having a choice and a grammer checks....I am convinced that people such as you will never contribute to humanity because your a loser whinner with no clue or life.......take a hike....if anyone has any questions about any issues with the treo please do address them to me and I will try to help as much as I can...just dont WHINE especially DEREK aka: cry baby, sissy
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    Anyone want to place odds this guy is 15 years old or less?
    "I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that I don't know the answer."
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    Gotta love hypocrites.
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    didnt mean to touch so many sensitive whinning feelings out there wowww.....if your not whinning about sprint products and customer care, your whinning about something else. You people need a life ....if anyone has anything good to say about sprint devices and its services post them please. If anyone needs help with a device ask and I will try my best to help you out especailly since Ive owned just about all theyre 3 g and 2 g phones....I will not respond to anymore idiots posting hate messages as I am better then that......Long Live Claire ummm she sounds sooo sexy
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    Why anyone would want your help, I don't know. You've provided no help to anyone on this board from what I can see as all of your posts are related to this thread. So what? You are now offering yourself as a resource to help us? That's perfect.

    I'm tired of you....enough energy wasted on you...
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    First of all genius,

    Whining is spelled with one N not two. You need to pay more attention to your English teacher.

    And if you do, you might also realize that the phrase "fat, dumb, and happy" is not a literal one.

    The phrase refers to an ignorant person - one who does not know any better, being a happier person than someone who is aware of and has to deal with reality.

    Second, you are one of these people and so there is no confusion, the words in THIS sentence ARE meant literally.

    If you came to this board for help, you can now be sure that you will not receive any. Now you can go.

    If you came here to practice your communication skills, they still need more work. Now you can go.

    If you simply came here to annoy people, mission accomplished. NOW YOU CAN GO.
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