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    I'm trying to fine the right email client that will allow me to access my personal pop3 account but requires SSL to do so.
    It appears that Aileron supports SSL... and if I understand it correctly I can use the software as a standalone palm app to send and receive my personal email with/without attachments for an annual fee??

    I don't want to set up any conduits w/my desktop to communicate or sync with outlook.

    Is this correct?

    The install email that I received instructs me to use a desktop .exe file and I don't want to set any conduits etc w/desktop. Do I just download and install the palm zip files and then is there a place on palm app to enter the demo license key?

    Thanks in advance,

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    I am using aileron and no, you don't have to install a desktop component to get it work. It just let's you download your mail. Great soft. The only thing I am missing is a notification of arrival of new messages.

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