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    Hey everybody,

    I'm not normall pushed to this point, but I am very close to cancelling my 96 hour old Sprint service.

    1st of all - let me say that I LOVE my Treo - I've been wanting one since the 180 came out, and was waiting for the right service. When Sprint announced unlimited data, I pulled the trigger, actually bought 2, one for wife, one for me, from Circuit city. Less than 12 hours BEFORE the Amazon deal, but even so, I was happy.

    First guy who set me up - Chris, did a GREAT job. Quick, had us both up and running with cell service, and my Vision service was even instantly running.

    My wife's Vision was a different matter. Took 2 days and about 5 phone hours with different reps before they could get her Vision service running. She was not impressed.

    Then I got a call Thursday night from a Sprint Tech. that they number they allocated me was a "Sprint test acct. number", and I needed to change numbers.

    At this point I'd already given out my new number to hundreds of personal and business relations - I'd had my AT&TWS number for 5 years - and now I'd have to do it twice in a week! What do I get for my trouble? 120 anytime minutes and a $10 credit!!!! I "negotiated" up to a $40 credit (less than 1/2 the service plan I have) for a significant impact on my life. Add to that that I got a "303" number for colorado, and they wanted to replace it with all that was available, a "720" number that I didnt' want.

    A day later my wife gets a voicemail that her number needs to be changed as well (of course), so I am on the phone negotiating with them to at least double the credits. It's then that I find out that the original guy I negotiated with puts in the customer screen, "DO NOT GIVE ANY MORE DISCOUNTS". By Friday I've gone through 5 CSR's, and 2 supervisors.

    Talking to more Sprint people today, I find out that they shut off my wife's service for the last 2 days, with no notice. They didn't even give her the time to transition her service, and I've been working with the CSR's to get our situation resolved! She runs her own business, and that phone is her only lifeline, no land-line.

    I spent 45 minutes with my 3rd supervisor (they won't put me higher) who said they are giving me everything they can for my trouble, never mind that my original credit was based on 1 NUMBER CHANGE. I reminded her of that, and then brought up that since that discount was offered, the problem had escalated to 2 NUMBER CHANGES, MULTIPLE HASSLES, AND A DISCONNECT OF SERVICE TO ONE OF OUR PHONES. I then asked her to offer me something, acknowledge that this is bad and please try to keep my business. All she said was sorry. I asked her if that meant that she was ok with taking personal responsibility for me cancelling my service and returning my phones. She said, "do what you have to do".

    I love the Treo, but if I don't get this resolved to my satisfaction, I am very close to cancelling and going back to AT&T despite the loss of data. I could get 2 Danger devices for email if i have to.

    Anyone have any places I can go to get this resolved? I WANT to like Sprint!!!!!!!!! Anyone from Sprint out there that can help?

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    Call this # (866) 519-5698 - the CSR at the other end are SIGNIFICANTLY better than the normal call center and actually do WANT to keep your business....

    Hope this helps and good luck!

    Lee Ladisky
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    I'd return the phones and start over with the Amazon deal. Or, go to a Sprint PCS store and ask for the store manager. It's amazing what they will do when you are standing face to face. I've been a SPCS customer for over 5 years and anytime I've had an issue I've had it resolved quickly at the local store...
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    Not me, local stores have gone down hill since Sprint came around here. I can remember being the only one in the store with 2-3 reps talking me into Sprint, Now the reps sit around and direct you to a massive line! I bought a phone for my wife, which they told me to bring home and call to connect, after hours on the phone they determined they sold me a demo that was not reset so they could not activate it. Went back, waited in the line for the rep to tell me that a tech would need to look at it while i wait, some more, before they would excahnge it, I got hot, and said listen I bought it 6 hours ago, nevermind, give me my money back. They reluctantly did, and I went directly accross the street to CC and was in business in 5 minutes.
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    Thanks Lee - apparently the number you gave is only good for weekday biz hours, so I'll have to see what luck I have on Monday.

    In browsing other threads, I decided to try getting to claire and announcing "disconnect service" since that seems to have worked for some people. Nothing. I've been on hold for 20 minutes now.

    I don't have a Sprint store within 1 hour of me, so I can't go to a local store, I'll just have to *try* to resolve this over the phone

    ...or wait for AT&T's GPRS Treo. Wonder which will take longer?
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    Considering how pathetic everything about them is, its like the CEO wants to get paid for how complicated, pathetic, obtuse they make things.

    It's like their mantra is "we suck and we want to lose money by making the customer experience really really bad."

    Having said that I found Verizon to be more courteous, more prompt, BUT technically weaker. I had purchased a Sony NR70V and wanted it to connect it to their Vision like service (which was $100 a month for data, unlimited service), and they had me keying weird numbers into the phone for 45 minutes, binary codes,etc.

    It makes you wonder why these companies do not separate their $ 19.95 a month people from the data people and service them well the first time.

    But this is how it is. I love my Treo and feel just amazing on the road with access to internet, email. And the Treo is so light, that Sony was making a hole in my pocket and it was in the way.
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    Hey People -

    First post - wanted to throw my 2 cents in.

    Got my Treo for close to 2 weeks now - one major complaint i got so far is the whole AIM problem. But thats acceptable for the time being.

    I too had a hellish fthursday and Friday. I purchased a Samsung a500 for my wife fri nite so that we can split the 2000 min/ month plan. So I called in to activate the phone, got a rep in less than 4 mins which surprised me, and activated my phone. Upon learning that I was to be charged 35 bucks for activation, I cried foul. Though the CSR could not waive that fee, she offered me a $75 credit, after seeing that I've been a customer since 1997. After programing the new add-on number to the A500 and thanking her for her help, I hung up and thats when the proverbial doo-doo hit the fan.

    An hour after I hung up, I attempted to call out to the A500 from the Treo to see if it was working yet. SURPRISE! The CSR who activated the A500, cut service from my Treo. I found this out after calling back to inquire why I wasn't able to make any outbound calls. The new CSR couldn't even find any reference to the number i've had for 5 yrs.

    Long story short - the orginal CSR even associated the wrong phone number to the A500, so that phone wasn't working either. After being on the phone/on hold for over an hour and 10 mins, I was told that I would need to wait a total of 24 hours before the help desk would be able to request that my old number be retrieved - the waiting period is due to some type of "system programming". I was absolutely furious at this point, and the team manager offered me a free month of service for the lost of service of one day, and the mistakes of the oriiginal CSR. That soothed me a bit, but it still annoyed me that i would still need to call back in on FRIDAY Nite at 11 PM to have them re-activate my number.

    But, I figured that 75 bucks plus 85 bucks balanced things out a little bit.

    The story continues - when I call back after the 24 hours, the first CSR tells me that I would not be able to retrieve my number, then proceeds to send me to the help desk. After an hour and 10 mins AGAIN - I wound up getting my Treo up again with my old number and the A500 is finally working. *****ing to the help desk rep got me ANOTHER month of free service -

    $75 + $ 85 + $ 85 for about 3 hours of being on hold.

    thats not too bad.

    Their coverage and their plans are phenomenal. The call quality is excellent. 3G is still yet to be determined. But their customer service is definitely their weakness.

    But I guess we gotta do what we gotta do to get that unlimited Net access eh?
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    I called threatening to cancel... I ended up with $105 per month for 3 phones sharing 2600 anytime, 9000 N&W (8pm Start), Unlimited Vision and Pcs2Pcs and free VoiceCommand. In addition, they gave me an instant $600 "loyalty credit" and an additional $200 in credits when I switch my phones to vision. (got my new Treo, going to pick up an a500) I've been with SPCS since '97... $800 in credits and an awesome new plan... I'll put up with the occasional CSR snafu.
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    Show off....
    "I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that I don't know the answer."
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    Originally posted by spcsuser
    ... $800 in credits and an awesome new plan...
    . . . times several thousand customers and you suddenly begin to understand why SPCS continues to be is in such financial trouble. 78,000 customers did the smart thing last quarter and left SPCS for better services elsewhere. I continue to be amazed that after 20 years this company still hasn't figured out the the simple priorities:

    1. Reliable, capable phone service.
    2. Responsive, competent customer support
    3. Bells, whistles, other cool stuff.

    I'll never understand why SPCS reverses the order of these priorities.

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    welcome to sprint...drop your pants and grab your ankles!!

    720 numbers bite. that alone is cause for disconnecting service.
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    Per Lee's suggestion, I called the Executive service number, and was instantly connected to someone who seems to be in a position to help. 2 important (yet seemingly simple) things in the conversation have helped considerably

    1. She acknowledged that this is wrong and she is sorry for the treatment I've had in the last week.

    2. When I thanked her, she said, "no thanks necessary, I'm only doing what I'm supposed to".

    Now we all know that especially number 2 is a rarity, and I proceeded to tell her manager how she has so-far saved them from losing another customer, but such a simple approach was all that was needed.

    She also rescued my wife's number (they just took her number and disconnected her phone last week), put notes in to the account telling anyone internal to sprint to NOT TOUCH THE ACCOUNT WITHOUT TALKING TO HER FIRST. Then she gave me an additional month credit on my service.

    We'll see how all of this takes hold, but so far, I'm willing to give it (yet another) shot.
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    What I received in compensation was something that I earned. Itís called their loyalty credit program. You earn credit based on your tenure, number of phones and what you pay per month. Iíve been with them for over 5 years with three phones and have spent over $8000 in that time. A 10% return is not unreasonable.

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