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    I've found this board to be very useful since the purchase of my Treo 300 and was hoping to find some advice regarding a strange problem I have
    been experiencing.

    After some undetermined event, the incoming calls screen stops displaying phone numbers underneath the name display. Obviously the device realizes what the originating number is because it is able to match it to a name within the contacts database, and display the name- but no phone number. If I receive a call whose number is not yet in my database, the screen display is almost blank- just the phone icon, ignore, and answer buttons without the phone number. Power cycling the phone does not help. The only remedy thus far has been to soft reset the device, at which time things start working normally (phone number is always displayed). However, its only a matter of time before the problem crops up again, and I am forced to reset. I've been unsuccessful in figuring out what might be triggering the problem.

    Has anyone else experienced this? If so, can anything be done? Thanks in advance!

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    Have you loaded any software that might be causing the issue?
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    I am experiencing this right now! It first started after I hard reset my treo. It now no longer displays any phone numbers when I get a call! Someone, please help.
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    Do you have TCRinger installed? If you are using an older version, it may cause some funky things to happen (including callwaiting not working properly)...make sure you have the newest version.
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    i have had a similar problem if you figure it out let me know

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