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    I haven't seen this before, so here goes:

    It is a MSn client for the Palm.

    I got it working on my treo 270.

    A couple of issues.

    It does in coming emoticon in text. No biggie for me.

    When inputing your account info, it wants to capitilize the first letter of your account and password. At least this is what I think it was doing with the password. You don't see the password, only boxes.

    I wasn't able (finally) to log in by moving the cursor next to the first character, typing in the correct character and then deleting the first character.

    One last thing. It looked like it froze when I tried toi IM someone who was away.

    Oh, it cost $15.
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    I have tried ruksun version on my sony clie and it works really well.

    I also just noticed another palm msn application on palmgear today. (PalmMSN 0.13) This is freeware and also requires java functionablity on your device.

    it looks good but but i have not maaged to get it connect yet :-(
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    type in your account info once and then tick the box to remember me! and it will be saved for each time you sign in.

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    My biggest gripe about MSN Messenger is that you can only talk to one person at time. You can have group chats, but you cannot talk to more than one individual at a time.
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    Thanks for the heads up on the app!

    I have a 300 and my internet connection is live, yet it says,

    "Signing in to MSN Messegner Service failed because the service is not responding. The service is not available oor you may not be connected to the internet."

    Any ideas?

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    got it to work - did a soft reset, and all worked...
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    QuickIM is a new instant messenger for Palm and Treo, works great! Can be downloaded from
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    Any reviews?
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