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    I'm looking at getting a Treo300 for my wife (I'm still holding out to upgrade my KYO 6035 to the 7135, maybe )

    I've got a couple of questions that hopefully someone can give me the true lowdown on.

    - How is the signal and call/sound quality? If you've had other Sprint phones especially, how is it in relation to them?

    - How is the battery life, really? I assume pretty much standard numbers for the talk and standby times for the phone part itself, but how bad does the color screen eat the battery?

    - Anyone seen any issues with the flip holding up? It seems a bit flimsier than most "flip" style phones.

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    chalk up one vote for great sound quality, decent battery life, and no problems with the flip. there are some great threads on this board on things you can do to keep the battery from draining too quickly.

    in all fairness, i'm not that heavy of a phone user, more email. and even there, not constant.

    there was a thread also indicating that handspring expected to have an attachable battery out by the holidays.
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    The phone's ability to pull in a signal is definitely a notch below my Samsung I300. Where I would get two or three bars in my apt, the Treo 300 gets 1 bar at most (but the I300 was known as one of the best at signal strength so not sure if that is a fair comparison). So far, the battery seems to get me through the day with about 25% left and thus I need to charge it every night (which is not a problem for me). Sound quality is excellent! When I bought the device, I thought I was going to have to be extra careful with the flip as it did seem a bit flimsy but afer a bit of use, its not that bad at all, pretty decent. The device is going back to CC though when the 7135 comes out! But all in all, not too bad at all. Unlimited Vision really makes web browsing on this device more than acceptable (IMs are great too with the keyboard)!
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    Let's face it. The Treo is killer wireless device first, phone second. So do if you want a phone, buy a Nokia.

    I think all of us have made our choice.

    I don't mean to sound snobby, but c'mon this is treocentral. We're a little bit biased.

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