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    Has anyone experienced the problem whereby the treo will not reregister by itself with the network after going into a "No Service" area. Even after 10 minutes, my treo will still say "No Service" and I'll have to turn the wireless mode off and on again to reconnect with the network? This just started happening...usually my treo would eventually after a minute or two "kick in", but today twice it never did!!
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    It's been really bad this past week or so. I've also not been receiving SMS notices about new voice messages (from calls I didn't know I'd missed).

    Don't know if it's a T-Mobile thing or what.
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    I had the same problem a while back. I was also experiencing a problem where the radio would just turn off by itself. Very annoying! When I talked to HS support they told me that this issue was normal (radio not registering a signal again).. I didn't believe that and asked them to replace the phone in which case they did. Never saw that problem again! As far as the radio turning off by itself it was ultimatly a bad sim card. The replacement started to do the same thing (turning off by itself) I went to Cingular and got a new sim card and everything has been fine for the last 2 months!
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    I had a similar problem with my Treo 270. If I'm in a low signal area I don't receive the SMS notifying me of a waiting voicemail. I've also noticed that I don't receive calls if I'm in a low signal area (I've tested this by calling my Treo from another phone). T-Mobile told me that's the way their network operates and instructed me to turn the phone off and then back on again to get the phone to re-register on their pathetic network. See the thread here:

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