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    Has anyone had this happen: I charge my Treo overnight, it's fully charged, but the light stays red until I do a soft reboot and plug it back in for a few minutes.

    This doesn't happen all the time, but I'm wondering if there's some setting I need to change.

    Thanks for any help.
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    Yes my Treo #2 does it, but it goes green if I remove the charge cable and then re-insert it. It happens on car or 240v so it must be the unit.

    Spoke to support and they offered Treo #3, they couldn't tell me if it was a material fault, ie: (A) was the charging cycle corrupt and potentially a battery killer (or explosive situation), or (B) its ok and its just a led display issue.

    Since this one is working well I'm hesitant to send it in as I'm going to get B stock - or else one that had problems and was "fixed".

    So in my case, since it and the power supply are not hot to touch after 4 hours of charge - (at least 2 hours over specs), I suggested its the latter problem.

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