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    Wow - I'm really surprised just how bad the data service is, here in NYC. Web browsing via Blazer or EudoraWeb, checking email via Snappermail, Eudora, or BaseJet... it all reeks. Everything _kind_of_ works, but fails at least half the time. My co-worker is having the same results. Any comments?
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    I have the treo 300 in the nyc market as well. To be honest, i have pretty decent service. In Manhattan I always have a signal except in elevators and in the subways. Service in Staten Island sucks, but it has always sucked there with othre phones and services. My only real complaint with the service is the data speed. The best I feel that I have ever gotten is around 20-30k, nothing like a 56kor higher connection. I never have trouble connecting to the data network, but it is never at "3G" speeds
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    Do either of you have issues with the phone itself? I'm considering switching from a Treo 180 on the Voicestream network to the Treo 300 w/ Sprint. I'm dialing into my ISP to use the Internet. The real problem was the phone. I bought a cheap Nokia on eBay just to get "decent" service. For example, if I could never hear without having the hands-free plugged in. I've heard Sprint service is better.
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    naw - the phone itself seems like a quality product. the controls are well thought out, and it just has a quality feel to it. it is a bit hard to see the screen in bright sunlight. also, i've have had a few fatal exceptions, resulting in a complete reboot...usually as a result of network problems, i think. my problem is just that if u don't have a really strong signal, things like mail and web don't really work very well.

    btw - if your primary interest is data, and you're less interested in palm apps themselves, you should check out the sidekick from voicestream. i had one for a week, but took it back, because i didn't like it as a phone very much, and their plans sucked. however, i hear that the plans are going to change nov.1, or somewhere near then. also, the network service on that thing was really solid. email showed up immediately when recieved, and IM was reliable, and it all worked in places my treo just can't keep it together. the interface is great too. the fact that the thing is only $200 compared to the $500 for the treo doesn't hurt either....

    anyhow - good luck with whatever u end up getting.
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    I also have decent service here in NYC. It's actually better than my company-provided Nextel phone. Sometimes, no Nextel service but Sprint works fine.

    I also had Voicestream on a Visor/Visorphone before my Treo 300 and the phone service was OK but data was worse than Sprint.

    With Sprint, I actually don't get disconnected when browsing the web. With Voicestream, I could never get a consistent data session.

    I am not sure how fast the data is supposed to be on the Treo 300 but I can't complain because I do get the info I need from the web sites I access relatively fast.

    Overall, in Manhattan and Queens, service is decent with Sprint and the Treo 300... I hear it's second best after Verizon?

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