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    I tried to search for this on the forum, but I couldn't find the answer. Sorry if this is redundant.

    Each night, I turn my wireless off before going to bed. Each morning, it's back on. I've even gotten my wife to witness me turning it off, 'cause I think I'm going nuts.

    Nuts or not, I am draining battery. Is there some setting I am missing?

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    Do you have TreoTools installed?
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    Originally posted by procure
    Do you have TreoTools installed?
    Yes, it is installed, but both its settings are "NO." Haven't gotten around to setting it up.

    I was trying out Stretch at first, but I deleted it on Monday of this week. Any chance it "left something behind"?

    BTW, thanks for responding so quickly.
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    I don't know what Stretch is, but I know that TreoTools can be set to turn your phone on at a certain time. Even though you haven't enabled it yet, maybe it's doing something anyway. I would try uninstalling it to see if that fixes it.
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    I had similar problem and it was caused by an SMS that I had started but not sent. Deleted it and all is OK, there is a thread in here somewhere about this problem.
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    Thanks procure and manu. Will check the unsent SMS issue, and will try deleting TreoTools.

    Appreciate the fast, helpful responses.
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    my phone is doing the same thing. It turns on all the time (meaning the screen comes on by itself) while just sitting there. No buttons are pressed.

    I tried to see if I had any sms messages waiting to be sent but could not find where they were stored.

    Could this problem be associated with fading in and out of service and maybe that is why the screen turns on?

    I think this is a major problem why my battery drains so rapidly. Plus it is annoying to have people tell me that i am glowing because they see the phone on my hip is on.
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    double post
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    Your treo keeps turning itself on because it's lonely and wants to talk to somebody.


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