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    What gives with the Treo... it uses Nokia compatible headsets, Motorola compatible chargers, who does Handspring subcontract this device to? What's on the inside... Nokia, Motorola, ??? does anyone know?
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    Actually on the inside it's a Wizcom chipset (On the GSM Treo's) Qualcomm on the Treo 300.
    -Michael Ducker
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    I have taken apart my Treo 300 and photographed its innards. The chipset is a Qualcomm "AirPrime Helium 1x". You can see it here:

    Treo Motherboard Back

    The rest of the pics are here:

    Photonic Chaos - Treo 300 Guts
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    Here are the innards pictures of my Treo 270 ...

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