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    IS there a hack to keep the querty keyboard constantly lit while the flip is open? I have a hard time understanding why Handspring would make a device with a keyboard and default it to "turn off" when any other app buttin is pushed. Obviously we have a keyboard, it needs to remain lit. This is deffinately a need when sending and receiving email in low light situations.
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    hit the power button twice. It dims the screen for dark room viewing and keeps the keyboard lit.
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    Try "Glowhack" which is readily downloadable from Palmgear. It will allow you to create a Window of time during the day where the keyboard backlight will come on automatically, regardless of application.

    Hope it helps!

    Lee Ladisky
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    Rats. I keep forgetting about the power-button-twice-trick. :-)
    Great reminder.
    Pretty cool.
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    Will glowhack keep the darned backlight OFF during daytime hours when the screen dims and becomes unreadable?

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