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    Thought I would start a new thread for us UK Treo users to discuss service providers / GPRS etc and all uk related treo stuff.
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    Good idea. I have a question: is there an email program that exploits GPRS and automatically checks for mail?

    I was a beta-tester for TreoMail which did this (non GPRS) but that seems to cost money and not be officially released in the UK.

    I use Eudora which synchs nicely with Eudora on my desktop but doesn't have that feature.
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    the new treomail 1.5 checks e-mail automatically and takes advantage of gprs - you say it doesn't work in the UK though ??
    Have you got your treo up and running with GPRS ?
    What phone folk do you use..I asked O2 about 2 weeks ago and they still haven't got back to me.
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    Well, Treo Mail wasn't being advertised on and I understood one has to pay for it. I don't see any great advantage in TreoMail as it was working in beta when I tried it over an ordinary email programme that just checks automatically at predetermined intervals.

    Yes, I am on O2 - the day the GPRS patch was released I installed it, phoned O2 and got GPRS enabled (extra few pounds per month on the contract) and 24 hours later I was running GPRS just fine. They gave me the required info but most of it is installed automatically when one installs the GPRS patch.
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    Hi UK united!

    I got going with Vodafone GPRS just in time for a trip to France. At the last minute found out that I had to get a e-mail address as being a BT Anytime customer I could not send any emails (from Eudora) only read them.

    All going well until tonight - see my post about GPRS log in error in the GPRS Comms forum of 5 mins ago.

    Any help welcomed. Raphael.
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    You can use any e-mail address with GPRS.
    If you use O2 GPRS you have to use an O2 smtp regardless who your e-mail provider is, and likewise for voda GPRS, I cant remember what the Voda smtp is but trust me it works, I work for o2 and it was a major problem inittially, Its all to do with the smtp authentification.
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    What is said above is not quite accurate:

    Some (most even) outgoing mail (SMTP) servers will only allow you to send outgoing mail if you have dialed in to one of the owners own machines. These you will not be able to use with GPRS.

    Some however (e.g. the one that one gets access to from BTconnect) accept requests on some other rule such as the from address being one of "their" email addresses. You should be able to use such a server with no problem. (Briefly I guess if you can use the outgoing from different dial-ins then you can almost certainly use it via GPRS).

    On the other hand O2 and I assume other GPRS providers offer outgoing server access so one may as well use that one.
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    I use blueyonder as the smtp on my treo as I use them on my mac at home. Can I continue using them when the gprs patch is loaded and I get O2 to set me up as well or are you saying I have to use O2 as the smtp ??
    This is excellent that we finally have a UK biased thread. Is anyone using a colour Treo 270 and if so how much are they going for now with contracts.
    Toby, you said it was only a few extra pounds each month cost wise - what contract are you on at present cos I thought, looking at the o2 website, that it costs a bit more.
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    Originally posted by murrayalex

    This is excellent that we finally have a UK biased thread. Is anyone using a colour Treo 270 and if so how much are they going for now with contracts.
    Got mine from my local vodafone dealer 235 with contract. However I think that the Treo is only sold by O2 in the UK. My dealer had to get it "in the trade" from another dealer who was an O2 main dealer. It appears that they help each other out this way sometimes.
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    SMTP: I suspect that if on your Treo you are currently using some random dial-in then if your Blueyonder SMTP works from that then it will still work with GPRS. If on the other hand you are using a special blue yonder dial in then it is hard to know until you try.

    I recall I pay an extra 7 or 8 pounds a month, which is about the minimum that seemed to be possible. I was probably playing it down a shade in case my wife read the post! Mind you, you do get some free Mb with that so there is a saving off the phone part of your bill.
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    thanks for the last reply - will try as is and see what happens.
    On another note, the GPRS patch works in Mac X but the battery updater patch still seems to be OS 9.
    I can't use the installer on Mac 9 as I can't hotsync from both systems as it won't accept the username I have under Mac X. And besides, they don't recommend having Palm Desktop installed under Mac 9 and X
    Any ideas out there for those of you who use Macs ??
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    Hi, nice to see this thread...just got an offline 180g for a bargain price and am using it on Orange with GPRS. Am also Mac OS X, but could not get the updater to work at all - it would never read the sim from the treo, so I ended up just installing all the files that looked relevant from the installer's software folder, and it worked fine - it even automatically set up orange GPRS with no problems.
    One problem I have is that GPRS won't reconnect, even with the pref for this checked.
    Anyone having any luck with iSync?

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    Originally posted by murrayalex
    Thought I would start a new thread for us UK Treo users to discuss service providers / GPRS etc and all uk related treo stuff.
    Great idea - there is just so much happening in the pda world that it helps to get information that is not just what the pda comics choose to give us.

    The GPRS seems to work for me using Orange, the download for GPRS and the basic Blazer programme that came with the machine - I think sometimes we tend to be dazzled into 'must have' when KISS is best
    John W
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    I am using blueyonder as my SMTP and vodafone gprs. I can only rx email i get a relay error when i try to send.

    Please help.

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    Hi, I'm using 2banywhere mail which is free, supports multiple accounts including IMAP and even has some limited attachment viewing capabilities. I reccoment at least trying this out.
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    Recently got a 180 from Novatech - so much better than my m100.

    Does anyone know where I can get a good case for it? Ideally I'd like one that lets me see through the lid and has access to either the jog dial or up/down buttons.

    Needless to say the higstreet stores were most unhelpful.

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    I'm having a problem!

    Auto-off is set for 3 minutes & phone has been soft reset.

    Connection to the Orange network is OK, however when auto-off activates incoming calls cannot be received.

    Can anyone think of a reason for this?

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    I got my Treo 180 as an online bargin, Got the GPRS update and Im using orange pay&go

    I have tired 3 different email clinets and all seem to work well on both sending and reecieving email over gprs.
    My favourite is Mark/Space mail .......... I liked this one the best because it enables you to set periodic checks for email....... and it works a treat! Once i had it set up sending and recieving correctly........... i purchased it straight away! excellent programm

    I have also tried 2banywhere, this works in much the same fashion as Mark/Space mail and works well too, apparently it also has a periodic mail checking system, but is not available for use with the free addition of this programme. From what i have read from the 2banywhere web site, the program will not be free for much longer.

    I have also tired Webtogo, which is a combined web browser, email client and sms client! although this worked with recieving, sending email through orange proved difflicult!
    This programm also sets up another orange gprs connection in your network settings!

    An additional programme i use is Kbtracker! $5.95 this program calculates the number of kilobytes sent and recived over GPRS.
    You are also able to key in the a max limit of KBs and it will warn you when you get to within 15% of this figure!
    This is great if you buy in to a GPRS bundle or if you just want to keep track of your usage.

    Its great to see some UK treo users! Someone to bounce ideas off and exchange information! GREAT
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    Hi guys... cool UK thread btw!

    Firstly, can someone tell me how to set SMTP settings on a Treo 600?
    Im trying to use the Palm ICQ app whcih asks for smtp settings.
    Im kinda hoping that the Palm ICQ will still have the SMS settings of the desktop version, and that'll enable me to send free SMS via GPRS... can anyine confirm this point?

    Secondly, im using Verichat 2.x, but how can I get my SMS Email address?

    AT the moment, Im using my NORMAL email address, but I keep getting irate MSN messages in my email from people thinking I was online!

    Is this simply a case of asking Orange (who can sometimes be a little unhelpful), or does anyone here know?

    "Big up da UK massive. big styleeee!" (Hey, i'm joking! )
    *******Treo 600 on GSM Orange UK*******
    Firmware: 03.04
    Software: Treo600-1.12/1030/03...
    Hardware: B
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    A treo 270 for 235 with contract you got turned over Raphael i payed 200 for my treo 600 on a very low contract
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