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    After having used a 6035 for almost 2 years, and now the Treo for about 2 months, I'm coming to see the awesome value and usefulness of the clear flip lid. And when combined with a utility like PowerJog, it gets even better! One of my initial concerns with the Treo was the size of the beast with the flip lid open - well I'm now realizing that concern was largely unfounded. I can do most things now with the lid closed, and that functionality is greatly increased with PowerJog (7135 buyers will be jealous, I promise).
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    IMO, the best thing about the Treo form is that you can flip the thing shut and drop it in your pocket. No case, no screen cover, nothing else is needed. It's wonderful, and makes the Treo more of a tool that you use and less of a toy you need to protect.
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    I have put an screen protector on the plastic cover to try and prevent it from getting scuffed up too quickly either exposed on my belt or accidently in a pocket with keys. Hopefully that helps...
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    K, I'm a bit anal, but I put screen protectors on both sides of the flip window... the one on the outside protects from scratches, and the one inside helps keep it cleaner... (for some reason, the plastic film is better at avoiding faceprints than the actual window).

    I can't even tell they're there anymore, and I don't see any marks on them!
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    Heck, I just left the protective plastic that it shipped with in place!

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