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    I'm running SBC Personal Edition on a home computer (sitting on a Comcast cable connection, using IMAP in the BC software). I've been successful at receiving SMS notification and receiving e-Mail on the BC software on my Treo 300, but no matter what SMTP server I designate on PC Business Connection software, no e-Mail sent from my Treo is ever actually sent. The Treo BC software syncs fine, and even puts the message from the Outbox into the Sent Items folder on the palm end. I've assumed that the mail goes from the Treo, through Sprint, then to my PC and is sent from there, and thus would use Comcast's smtp server (same settings I use in Outlook) dice. This is one of my last hopes for being able to send mail from my Treo as Sprint's smtp servers refuse to authenticate me, and TreoMail isn't what I'm looking for. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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    it seems that BC is really optimized for Outlook, and they intend most people who ue BC will be using it behind Outlook. That's the impression I get, anyway.
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    I can send and receive my Outlook mail, and receive my IMAP mail, but as others have noted, I can't send mail from my IMAP account because of SMTP failures I presume. Neither a blank server nor seems to work. Any advice is appreciated. I can and do use Snapper to access the same account but I'd like to be able to use BC's IMAP option.

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