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    I have the AOL Mail for Palm VII PQA installed, as well as the PQAA libraries needed. I have tryed other pqa's and they are working perfectly, but the AOL one is giving me the following error: "The web server's certificate has expired. Please contact the content provider (C1020024)" Anyone else having this problem?
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    I had this problem a few weeks ago and called AOL, who told me that the web clipping application was no longer free. You need to download the application for $19.95 from AOL or Handango. I did it (you can set this version for wireless access, and it's color, and it incorporates AOL Mail, IM, and various AOL categories like finance, etc.) and have it now. But the next day the VII application worked again. So I have both on my Treo 300 and they both work.

    FWIW. Maybe you really do need to download the new app now and pay for it, I don't know for sure. But that's what the AOL rep told me.
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    just for the record, i use pocketflash to check my aol mail, and the free AIM application. both work great. that having been said, pocketflash cost more than the aol software, but that was not available until a couple of weeks later... looking at the threads on this site, that seems to be the way it goes. treo now lots cheaper, sprint's own sms due this weekend makes treosms obsolete, sprint changed their plans (at least we could take advantage of that one)

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