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    My Treo is the first Palm based PDA I've had, and I keep seeing references to Hack, Hack Master, X Master, etc.....

    What's the deal? Can someone explain this to me....should I use Hacks? What are they, how do you get them, what's the negatives, etc, etc...

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    Hacks are small (i.e., single KB) programs that change features of an existing program without changing the functionality. For example, on my old Palms, I used to have hacks that would automatically change the internal clock to and from daylight savings time, invert the backlight to make it easier to read...stuff like that.

    Upside: simple programs that make your life easier.
    Downside: they can screw up your PDA if the programmer didn't know what s/he was doing.
  3. #3 CorrectHack. It allows you to define kind of an 'auto-replace'. For example, you want to use the 'dash' symbol a lot, but it's kind of a hassle to always mash the blue button first, and then hit the 'F'. With CorrectHack, you define 'F' to be replaced by '-'. When you type an 'F' all by itself, it will be replaced by the dash. I use this all the time for many characters - for example, to replace a lower case 'i' with upper case 'I' so I don't have to activate the shift first.
    Just saves time when doing e-mails and such. Very handy.

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