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    On October 13 my treo 180g died. It suffered from the dead speaker syndrome. Being that this is a common problem Handspring replaced it right away and a new treo was shipped out same day to me . I was happy with them so when my unit arrived the next day I was very suprised to find out that it didn't work. As an earlier posting of mine stated, the connector was bent and it didn't take the charging cable right. The cable would not stay in. I called handspring right away and they again replaced my replacement on October 15. Today is October 24th and I JUST recieved that replacement. I had to call about 20 times before they would ship it. The first person I spoke to told me that the unit would ship right away but ultimately it took level 2 customer support to get it to ship. So i was mad at the delay but glad i was finally getting my treo. So today after i got my new one i checked the connector right away. The connector was fine but it won't do a network search..It turns out that the radio is messed up and they have to replace this one AGAIN. Thats right they are replacing my second replacment unit in a row. At this point I was MAD at handspring but they are now sending me a brand new unit. Anyone else have similar horror stories?
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    I think 50% of all Treo owners have had some sort of problem with their phone.

    I am on Treo 180 number 3.

    Handspring told me that my second replacement will be a new machine and not a B stock refurbished unit.

    Third replacement, you can demand a 270. HS told me that it is their 'policy' to upgrade 3rd replacement to a 270 (they just don't tell you this so ask).
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    "dead speaker syndrome" must = the flip-up ear piece section now working? that's just what happened with my 180 which I bought back in February. So, for every one who has had this problem I guess I was lucky that it lasted this long. My only worry now is with only 3 1/2 months lef on my warranty they will send me a piece of crap re-furbished unit now.

    I wonder if I should try demanding a new one from the get-go?

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