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    Ok. here is something really annoying. I am on my second Treo300. first one died.

    Now for some reason I can't cycle through the phone application views by pressing the phone button multiple times.

    Also, i can't cycle through the calendar views either. Although i'm not sure if i was able to do this before since i was using a 3rd party calendar app.

    Any idea what's wrong? or how i can fix this?

    thanks in advance,
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    I had this same problem, right after I got the phone, two months ago. It's a setting, or something - scroll back back back into the dregs of this forum, for a thread started by me (nrosser) and see if you're having the same problem.
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    Somethign you have or had installed is causing the problem. This si a software issue, not a hardware problem. You will have the same problem if you replace the unit again. You need to determine what is causing the problem. The button settings under the "Prefs" app is a good place to start looking.
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    See if this helps - seems like the same issue. Maybe.

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