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    I ordered several of the pen stylus reviewed on this site and recieved them within two days. The looked fine and seemed to work fine until I pulled out the tip to reset my Treo. A large blob of ink came out and ruined a new suit. It looks like in a rush for profits off the Treo JUNK is making it to the market. This $11.00 stylus cost me several hundred dollars.
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    I presume that you are referring to the StylusCentral all-in-one. I haven't gotten mine yet (being UPSed to west coast). However I have been impressed with their customer service in the past. I trust that you have contacted them and expressed your concerns. I don't believe that they would intentionally rush out a bad product. It is possible that the ink/pen refill they used was bad (wrong ink formula). They need helpful feedback, and maybe a chance to make things right.
    Just one person's opinion.
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    I am very sorry that you have had a problem with our stylus. I assure you we did not rush into this blindly. I have been using one of these with no problems for over a month. I can only think that if the penb refill were over heated this could have caused a leak. Please feel free to return the stylus for credit if you would like. Again I am sorry for the problem.
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    Well now on their site they post the following:

    I was just about to purchase 2 of these but without the reset pin it's tough to justify. I can't imagine always having to scramble around for a paper clip or pin.

    StylusCentral I hope you will fix this???
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    Unfortunately there is no simple fix. The refill is a standard size (which is a good thing when people want to find replacements) The stylus itself is shorter than any other in production. So in production noe we have removed the reset pin. We have found that having a stylus and pen with the PDA for most users has been the critical need. The reset pin has been important but if one has to go then it has to be the reset pin. I am still not aware of any other manufacturer attempting a stylus/pen combo for Treo. If someone is aware of one please let me know. Thank you.
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    I bought two, and two refills as well. I'm not really happy with the product. It's a great idea, of course, but:

    1) The feel of these things is not pleasant. They're much, much lighter than the original stylus and if feels awkward to handle something with so little weight. Also, the pen filler inside constantly clangs (quite noticeably) around in the barrel of the stylus as you move the stylus during normal use.

    2) They don't fit into the Treo's stylus holder as well, both in terms of the lack of snugness (I'm sure I'm going to lose one simply by its falling out) and the fact that they're a tiny bit longer (~1mm), and therefore stick out at the top just enough to protrude above the top of the Treo, unlike the originals which are flush. The little "handle" at the top has sharp plastic corners and was not designed to conform to the curve at the top of the Treo, either.

    3) Aside from the ink issue mentioned above, the reset pin has to slide into the back of the ink filler in order to screw the tip in-- and if you miss (hitting it is trial and error) you can accidentally start screwing the tip in at an angle, which can mess up the over-malleable threads. It took me quite a few tries before I got it right after removing the tip just to test it.

    I'm still considering using this stylus, despite all the things I feel are bad, solely because I want to see if always having a pen handy outweighs the other issues.
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    can one take out the refill and snip it off a little bit shorter so that the reset pin can stay and not poke into the ink in the refill? I don't care if my refill is a bit shorter and has less ink. I just want the convenience of a pen for the occasional analog note. I personally must have a reset pin, and will if necessary forgo the pen and stick to my HS factory stylus.

    I guess I'll have to try it when mine arrives in a day or so.
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    I found the same problems. Upon receiving it and trying things out. I too found the ink on the end of the reset pin. The stylus twirls around inside the treo. Overall I think the stylus is OK nothing special. If you want the convience of a pen then it should be alright despite the limitations of this stylus.

    Overall I would grade this product a "C"
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    I strongly urge users to NOT cut or shorten the refill. It is only asking for an inky mess!
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    Great, I have three that will arrive tomorrow.

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    glad I waited. though I ahve seldom had to use the reset on the stylus. the 90 just does not lock up unless I do something dumb.
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    Since we have word that using the reset pin can puncture into the ink cartridge and leak ink, can we assume that Stylus Central will be picking up the cost of Garyt01's ruined suit since their defective product damaged it?
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    Just for clarification purposes, it doesn't puncture anything. The filler is a tube that's already open on the end, thus making it possible (and necessary) to put the reset pin into the filler.
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    I am the guy who submitted the orginal warning post on the three way stylus. The guys at StylusCentral have been great. I take back what I said about them. It now seems like a honest oversite and the are trying very hard to make up for it. It's refreshing to see a business run like this. After the have the problem fixed I will definetely try their stylus again.
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    Good to hear. But if the only change they make is the pin-in-ink issue, I'd still suggest staying away to those who might not like the sound of my issues one and two, above. It's not a good "feel". If they address those, too, I'll get right back in line and order more. It's a great idea.
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    i found both the original stylus and the pen/stylus to be a little loose in the treo so i took about 1 1/2 inches of clear tape and wound it around the body which tightened it up nicely.

    apparently i got one of the newer ones without the reset pin. it was a little bit of a disappointment but i always wear a rotary international lapel pin so i use that pin to reset... a strange fix but one that works for me. so you should all join your local rotary club, then you can do some community service and always have a reset pin handy!
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    OK, picked them up, mine *do* have the reset pins. I actually may try mucking with one of the refills to see if I can shorten it without destroying civilization in the process. I do agree that you certainly wouldn't want to stick this in the back of your Treo as-is. Ick! How this got past the design phase I will never know.

    It *is* indeed a tad longer as others on the board have mentioned, and *is* a tad looser. While I don't think I will end up losing one, the fact that the tab you grab it out with is a little longer as well prevents me from saying that I am confident that I will not lose it. Might try the scotch tape approach, but that offends the purist in me. Of course, the possibility of loss is exactly why I bought two in the first place.

    Maybe the other surgery I will do to this is to Dremel part of that nub off.. Looks feasible.
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    Surgery complete.

    Despite the warnings and admonishments against doing so, I shortened the pen refill to accomodate the reset tool. However, warnings in mind, I took some precautions. Here's what I did:

    1. Removed reset tool and ejected pen from stylus.

    2. Crimped the pen with a pair of wire snippers at about 3/4" from the end.

    3. Snipped the end off about 1/16" towards the end from the crimp.

    4. Replaced the pen component.

    5. To further prevent leaks and to prevent the pen rattling around, I rolled a piece of paper towel roughly 3/5" tightly and inserted it into the stylus, pushing it until it lodged up against the pen and holding it firmly.

    6. Replaced the reset tool. Surgery complete!

    I can now use both parts with no mess detectable.

    In a second surgical procedure, I filed down the part of the top of the stylus that you hook with a fingertip to remove the stylus from the Treo. It was so long that I was afraid it might snag on something as the Treo was put into my belt holster. So I squared it off with the smaller portion of it, then put a notch in to make it work more like the Handspring version. I'm not 100% happy with the results, but it will do.

    If anyone needs pics of this, let me know and I'll snap some in the next several days.

    - Joe
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    Pics would be great.
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    Just got mine. Oh well. No probs with the company, but yeah, I'm not too thrilled with it either...

    Don't like the ink on the pin (knew about this when I ordered it (from the warning posted on their site)), and I don't like the way it feels or fits in the stylus slot on the Treo (nor do I like the idea of tape or paper wrapped around or pushed into parts to make things work [better]).

    I REALLY REALLY miss the stylus that I had with my pro - metal pin, pen, and spring loaded tip. Heavier than the original, but still fit the same...

    Oh well. $15. *shrug*

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