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    I expect to get mine today. I think that the problem is that the Chameleon was made by Pilot pen company and had some nifty engineering plus the luxury of a longer storage slot. Take an already short Treo stylus and drill it out hollow to accomodate a pen refill, and it will get very light.
    We'll see...
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    Here's a repost with some pictures....

    Surgery complete.

    Despite the warnings and admonishments against doing so, I shortened the pen refill to accomodate the reset tool. However, warnings in mind, I took some precautions. Here's what I did:

    1. Removed reset tool and ejected pen from stylus.

    2. Crimped the pen with a pair of wire snippers at about 3/4" from the end.

    3. Snipped the end off about 1/16" towards the end from the crimp.

    4. Replaced the pen component.

    5. To further prevent leaks and to prevent the pen rattling around, I rolled a piece of paper towel roughly 3/5" tightly and inserted it into the stylus, pushing it until it lodged up against the pen and holding it firmly.

    6. Replaced the reset tool. Surgery complete!

    I can now use both parts with no mess detectable.

    In a second surgical procedure, I filed down the part of the top of the stylus that you hook with a fingertip to remove the stylus from the Treo. It was so long that I was afraid it might snag on something as the Treo was put into my belt holster. So I squared it off with the smaller portion of it, then put a notch in to make it work more like the Handspring version. I'm not 100% happy with the results, but it will do.
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    Thanks to JoeTampa for his detailed info. I basically did as he did, but with a few changes.
    1) Wear some disposable gloves and work on a stack of newspapers or another similar surface (can be messy).
    2) I found ink on my reset pin immediately, so I first cleaned it up really well and set it aside. There might also be a bit of ink inside the barrel of the stylus.
    3) Note that the length of the refill and the length of the reset pin assembly are such that the reset pin holds the pen firmly at the end of the barrel of the stylus. If you just truncate the refill (I used diagonal cutters to cut the refill, then a pair of pliers to crimp and bend the end) and reinsert it, it will not sit tightly at the end and you cannot write with it (pen shifts back).
    4) I chose a different method to fill the gap and hold the shortened refill in place. I got an old length of 4-conductor phone wire (the kind used to wire jacks in your house), cut a short length, removed the 4 wires from the inside, to leave a stiff plastic tube about the same diameter as the refill. This has a hollow center to accomodate the point of the reset pin. This created a tight fit when I reassembled everything.

    OK, so what do we have when done?
    The stylus is a little light. The point could be more tapered, but at least it is translucent. The stylus is a little loose when inserted into my Treo (?a fraction smaller diameter than the factory one). The top end (pen cap) needs to be shortened and restyled to be essentially identical to the OEM Treo stylus (I don't have the tools to do the mods JoeTampa shows).

    The best solution here from StylusCentral would be to underfill the pen refill to save all of this grief, and to do some minor tweaking of the design. I really need to carry a reset pin, so a stylus/pen alone won't cut it for me.

    I'll look for rev.2 from StylusCentral--they really are trying to give us a needed accessory but just need our input (as beta testers of a kind) to make a better product.
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    I got mine. With the pin and the pen. No ink on the pin, not overly light. I'm pretty happy.
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    The easiest way I think to fix it would be just to remove a little of the ink. Use a drill bit that is the inside of the diameter of the tube and use it to scoop out a bit of the ink. Problem solved
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    Shortening the pen also makes it much easier to re-insert the reset pin into the stylus. Otherwise, you have to aim it juuust right to get it inside the pen.
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    I too, ordered 2 of these styli with high hopes. Unfortunately, I was as disappointed as the rest of you. I found the following 4 problems:

    1. Circumference too narrow. Loose in the silo.
    2. Top plastic tab juts out too much. Sleeve catches & pulls it out.
    3. Rest pin sits inside ink cartridge.
    4. Stylus tip difficult to quickly re-attach after using reset pin.

    I wrote and received a quick reply offering an apology and this statement: "We are working to improve this model."

    Taking advantage of their 100% satisfaction guarantee, I returned my order and decided I'll wait either for their improved model or a competitor's version of the popular 3-in-1 replacement.

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    I ordered one of these the day before I lost the stock stylus, then read all of the complaints in this thread and got worried. Then I received it and have been pretty happy. Yes, it's small enough to twirl in the silo, but it doesn't come out. Yes, the tab at the top is big, but you can whittle it down without much trouble ( pen knife works well). I haven't had any ink on the reset pin, and it's not hard to screw back in as long as you get the pin in the refil and line it up right.

    Nothing's perfect, and I'll be looking forward to other options, but for now it works well enough.
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    There is a freeware hack that will reset your treo after it crashes. I installed it and I've never had to use a reset pin since.
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    I have the Crash hack, and yes, it's great, but there have been times in which I still had to do a pin-restart. Freezes, as opposed to crashes, are usually the culprits.
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    Sorry, had trouble posting and it sent it twice.
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