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    Where can you get AIM for the Treo without have to pay AOL $20 ?????

    I just want to use IM ... I don't need AOL Anywhere.
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    Here is the link to the AIM for Palm OS I installed on my Treo 300. It works well and havent had any issues.. (yet) Plus.. ITS FREE!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Thanks for the link.
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    downloaded this link directly from xino and it is working real good no data errors yet.

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    I was getting reset errors with AOL 1.1, The U.K. Version has been flawless for 2 weeks so far. I saw the AOL version was selling on the web through a "Handango" site. Further searching shows the same version free directly from AOL. Handango also seems to be selling AOL for Palm at $19.95, another free application from AOL. heres the long handango link to AIM 1.1

    And from AOL (also connects to handango)

    Heres Version 1.1 from AOL's AOL anywhere AIM page, Version 1.1 still free directly from AOL, not a mirrored link. Very strange yes? Sorry, It seems that this link is now redirected to handamgo also now
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    The problem with the euro one is it doesn't seem to import my buddy list from the AIM servers.
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    i downloaded the uk thread about a week ago and have not had a data error yet runs great and i do have my buddy list
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    Ughh. I just downloaded, and installed, the UK AIM version because you all said it was working. When am I going to learn? Crash hack didn't help, nor did the 5 or 6 soft resets. Just did a hard reset and now I'll start rebuilding my Treo.

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    Try this one then. I dunno if it's the same one you're talking about, but it's free, imports the buddy lists from the server, and hasn't given me any problems. AIM

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