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    For example I am using Treo Mail and it recevices and send emails.

    But it does not do attachments.

    Tried Snapper, cannot be used cause my ISP does not do SMTP AUTH because that would be "stupid to do"...the attachments came out in unrecognizible format

    Eudora received but could not send

    Biz Conn was a mess

    Can an expert comment of the situation?

    But with examples, not just saying things like "your ISP has to support SMTP AUTH..."

    TO me it seems I would be happy with Treo MAil if it did attachments and then I could open Word files with Blue Nomad's Wordsmith.

    What's going on. Why are there so many people saying this worked, that didn't...
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    I suggest trying BaseJet, it has fairly good attachment support and a lot of nice features. I also plan on writing a comprehensive review and comparison of a bunch of email clients... I've been trying a lot of them looking for something that suits me perfectly and I've yet to find the answer. So far I have a bit of stuff written up on my website, but this is before I tried the newest version of BaseJet and SnapperMail which I've been fairly happy with both.

    Check it out:

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    I like InBox To Go, by DataViz. . It allows me to receive, edit and send word and excel attachments. Right now it is free as it is still in beta form so you could try it with nothing to lose. Its not fancy but its been effective. You gotta have Docs to Go to see the attachments and Docs To Go is free on Palm Pilots and Sony handhelds.

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