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    I did a hard reset before, and my contact info got all jumbled up. For example, I used to categorize them into a few groups. After the HARD reset, all the contacts became 1 folder.

    Also, I use this ClubPhoto phot album. When I did the hard-reset, all the photos, which took some time to put together, were GONE....

    Please HELP.... Per my recent post, it looks like I have to another HARD reset, as my Treo 270 seems to be begging for it (with its numerous hangs as of late).

    Sometimes I wish that Handspring would be acquired by Sony, with the condition that Sony makes the Treo 270/300 PERFECT, with Sony-level build quality and durability, and, keeping the keyboard(!).

    Thanks in advance for any response/insights.
    Any other Indonesian Treo users out there?
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    I had this happen to me with GPRS 1.0 and my old Palm m505. Just reset your Palm while pressing up. Now your Palm will work, but most likely you will get an error message stating that netlib is missing. If this happens download Filez from and the delete the Net Preferences and Saved Preferences file. You will have to recustomize your Palm and re-register some software, but your data remains.

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