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    Is there a monthly way to pay? Or only annual? The application is the only one that works smoothly for me (i want to keep my inboxes sync'd and use exchange). But the mail application itself is really weak - especially when compared to basejet. But basejet crashes multiple times per day and is so unreliable.

    Are you folks paying for the corp. edition happy? Do I have to buy the whole year up front?

    It would suck if I pay now, and in one month, Basejet - which has a killer mail app - gets it right...
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    I've been using the corporate edition since July. It does everything Handspring says it will. That is, the inbox syncs up and sent mails show up in my sent mail folder. Sync time is also relatively quick (certainly quicker than downloading my POP mail).

    It would be great to have an option to get the occasional attachment; also would be nice if I could move e-mails to subfolders in my inbox.

    As far as I know, you have to buy the whole year up front. You also have to leave your computer on for it to work.
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    Dittos to everything Scott said.

    I scrounged an old slow "decommisioned" laptop with a broken screen latch and some other mechanical problems, but that still functioned. Loaded up WindowsME, Outlook, TreoMail agent and all patches. It sits on a shelf in my office lazily forwarding mail to my treo, so I can take my "real" laptop on the road with me....

    No issues other than I need to reboot it weekly due to some memory leak type issues... But it doesn't freak out Exchange 5.5 to have two machines running outlook simultaneously... Been doing this for 3 months with no problems.

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    I have tried, and tried to install the corporate e mail service, wtihout success. The problem is that when we get
    to the last step of the installation, when we get the following message:

    "That email address is not available. Please double check that it is
    correct. If it is, please visit Handspring Customer Support."

    The e mail is correct, and we have exhausted all of the easy fixes. Any ideas?
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    What did customer support say?
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    they told me to check to make sure Exchange transport was shown in my mail settings in my control box...which it was.

    No help.

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