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    I have never used SMS but so many folks make it sound so cool that i am thinking of trying it. one question for some of you experts out there. we had threads on here a few weeks ago discussing battery life, and one of the suggestions was to be sure you are not remaining connected to the network when you're not browsing the web.

    doesn't this conflict with leaving your phone on for SMS? and can the treo still receive calls if you leave it connected all the time?
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    SMS can be done with most cell phones now & I don't believe that it requires a data connection. At any rate, I'm able to send & receive when not data-connected. Just download TreoSMS & try it for yourself.
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    i used to think that the always on data connection drained the battery but I'm not so sure anymore. At any rate, Treo300SMS automatically will connect anytime you receive sms via the sprint short mail system so you are free to disconnect from the network after you receive a message if you are concerned about battery drainage.
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    Are you serious? Every time I send an SMS to an e-mail addy my phone goes through the "connecting to sprint..." meaning I have to have a data connection... Are you sending to phone addys only? Does yours connect to sprint data when sending to an e-mail addy? I would think that it must...but I'm no rocket scientist.

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    yes you do need a data connection when you send sms through sprint. Other carriers do not require this but sprint uses a web based sms system so a data connection is a must. You can disconnect manually after your message is sent if you do not want to remain connected.
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    crazy sms is also a good web based sms you can access through blazer....

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