For those who still use a device without any external memory storage, I have tried an app that really helps free up space. I still have a Palm Vx that I use as a second PDA and of course it is limited to it's 8mb of space. I recently bought a program called FlyZip. Any program that I don't use on a regular basis (such as games) I zip up. When I want to use the app all I have to do is tap it's icon as normal and it automaticaly unzips. To zip it back up you have to go to the FlyZip program and select the app to zip up. Documents also can be zipped. Just thought this might be helpfull for some. I have found it quite helpfull in being able to keep more on the Vx then I normally would be able to. Not trying to advertise for them, just thought there might be alot of people who could use a program like this and may not know about it.