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    Is there?
    Besides TreoMail and Eudora!
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    It's not exactly an email client but I connect my Treo 270 to my exchange server via owapda

    I am using IIS5 with a standard SSL certificate installed and have SAFE access to my email/calendar & contacts. The beauty about this application over a normal email client thats installed locally is that if I loose or have my 270 stolen, nothing is stored locally as it's all located on the server.

    It's worth a look as I needed to find a VERY secure way of using email on my pda. Over GPRS, it's actually very fast.

    Another problem I have found with many email apps that I have tried is that they often become unstable when checking for email and the signal drops (going through a tunnel). The beauty about owapda is that it uses the web browser which can cope with signal drops and will wait accordingly unti lthe signal comes back up again...

    Hope this helps.

    Paul Upton
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    Thanks for the info. I have had the 270 since early june and started off with Eudora, and it worked well. I switched to Treo Mail shortly after because of its ability to send notification of new mail alerts and supports an SSL connection. I'm not a power emailer kinda guy but would like the ability to receive and open attachments, primarily for receiving faxes. I use AT&T Broadband for my personnel ISP which is fairly popular in the S. Calif market however they do require SSL connection while away from my desktop. I would really like to use Snappermail or Basejet but neither support SSL and I would prefer to not have to sync with Outlook to get my email on the Treo. That's what I liked about Snappermail.
    The search continues!

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    Which version of TreoMail will support an AT&T Broadband email account (

    I was a beta user for TreoMail Internet Edition, and it wouldn't connect with AT&T over SSL. Has this changed, or do I need the TreoMail Corporate edition?

    The Eudora interface is driving me nuts, so I would pay for TreoMail (unless, as you say, someone else decides to support SSL). thanks in advance...
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    I'm using the internet edition and it works great. In the config menu at the web site, place a check mark next to SSL, set the port to 995. For your ISP, leave it blank and then insert the pop3 and SMTP server:!
    And away you go!
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    My feedback to Handspring during the beta period was that they needed to add SSL support. I just wish they had made it more clear that they had added it. I had no idea. Feedback works!

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