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    So I get the Handspring Belt Clip figuring I'd go with OEM.. safer right?

    Wrong... I was in Taco Bell for lunch today, sat down and was eating when I noticed my Treo300 sitting on the bench next to me (STILL IN THE BELT CLIP).

    The clip broke right at the point where the metal pin and spring are. I was extremely fortunate that the clip didn't break while walking to/from my car in the parking lot.

    Now I have to deal w/ Handspring... I purchased it over the internet from Handsprings site.
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    Been there, done that, same exact thing, they replaced it but I dont trust it much anymore.

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    Spoke to Handspring Customer Service -- no issues or hassles about the return. In fact, they know of the problem -- and have assured me that the replacements for this problem are ok ... who knows though.

    I am going to look at the new one coming and compare the eyelets, clip, etc. to make a judgement for myself.

    I will post pics if i see anything of use.
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    Is that the leather case/clip or the holster. I have the leather case and I hope I'm not putting too much faith in it. I think it was the Sprint brand.
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    FCor the record, I have had my Belt-clip case for months and have had no problems wioth it whatsoever. I trust it 100%. You guys undoubtedly received faulty clips.
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    I just got mine late last week...hope it's one of the "new" ones where this problem has been addressed...
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    It was the plastic Handspring Clip ... $24.99 or something like that...

    Still waiting for the new one to arrive ... I won't hold my breath!
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    I bought mine from Staples and it seems quite sturdy, I'm (so far?) very pleased with it.
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    I have the new one for the Treo 300 and it seems quite good. Very pleased with it after one week's use, and I am rough on it.
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    I welded mine back. I have a plastic welder!

    The plastic where the metal pin and metal spring is at cracked. So I broke it off and welded it even sturdier.

    Won't break off again!

    It kept breaking off since I have it on my side of my pants and when I sit on my chair, the belt clip catches my arm rest and cracks the plastic.

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