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    I did a search, but it didn't really turn up anything useful...

    I frequently have problems HotSyncing with MS Outlook 2000 (using the Pocket Mirror/Chapura software that came with the Treo), where it will just freeze (usually when syncing the Calendar or the Contact list) and I have to End Task (Ctrl-Alt-Del, select "HotSync Manager - Not Responding), relaunch the HotSync Manager, and then SOMETIMES I can get it to HotSync. Otherwise, I have to reboot the PC entirely and do a HotSync before I do anything else.

    Is there something I'm doing wrong, or is there a trick to make my Treo HotSync consistently with Outlook? TIA...
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    Make sure you have the latest version of the Pocket Mirror software. If that doesn't help, try going through Chapura's FAQ; it has a lot of good information.
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    Try synching with Outlook opened (or minimized). I had a similar problem and it was related to Outlook backup software I had downloaded from Microsoft.
    In my case, I can either turn the backup software module off, or have Outlook open with synching.
    Works for me
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    How do you turn the backup module off?

    And I always HotSync with Outlook open or minimized...thanks for that suggestion, though.

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