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    Yes, Amazon's new $200 rebate looks fantastic. But Amazon only lists the old service plans -- it doesn't show the new unlimited data plans. Does anyone know how to get Amazon pricing with unlimited data?
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    I would assume that you can call up an change the plan when you do your activation. Same thing with Handspring's site, they only show the old plans as well.
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    A friend of mine called Amazon about this issue and was told the following:

    1) They are expecting to update their website on Friday with the new plans.
    2) If you sign up now with one of the "old" plans currently on their website, you won't be ableto switch to one of the new plans.

    I don't know that either of these (especially #2) is true, but be careful about ordering.

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    I emailed Amazon about this and what they told me is that they do not activate sprint phones, you have to call up spritn and pick your plan, etc when you activate it. You will see that this is true, as when you try to place an order, it does not ask you for SS #, Drivers license #, etc... like it does when ordering a t-mobile, etc.. phone from them, so they run no credit check, and therefore can not keep you on a contract.
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    Excellent news. I'll let my friend know.

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    Rather than start a new thread, I figured I'd just tack my questions onto this one...

    The fine print says that this rebate is for new customers only. I currently have two (one for me, one for my wife) Samsung i300's. I bought these the day after Thanksgiving last year. So, my thought was that if I ended up purchasing two of these via Amazon, could I just set them up under new accounts and get the new customer discount by keeping my Samsungs' active for another month (probably would switch to the cheapest plans available)?

    I figure that if, by them setting these up through an existing account, their computer systems still wouldn't treat me as a new customer, maybe I could have my wife set both of them up under her name (I currently have both Samsungs set up under my name). Or, would the common address still cause problems?

    For that matter, is there anything in the fine print of the Amazon ($200) or Sprint ($50) rebates that limit these rebates to one per household?


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    if you only have one month to go on your contract, call retention and tell them you would like to upgrade to the treo and see what they offer you. They may give you a substantial service credit to sign you up for another year although it might not be $250/phone. You will see a service credit now, not in 6-8 months with the mail in rebates.
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    Spoke with Amazon rep who cautioned about changing plan that you select on website if you are sending in a rebate form. She said that typically their rebates require you to send in the first month bill from your carrier to confirm that you signed up for a plan that was on Amazon at the time of purchase. She also indicated that to be safe, she would recommend waiting until the plans on the website were updated which she hinted might be at the end of this week.
    Also, the fine print on the Sprint $50 rebate form indicates activation must occur by 11/16/02, so be sure to activate as soon as possible. I spoke with Sprint rep who indicated that the phone activation occurs when you purchase your monthly plan and does not require the phone to be in your possession yet. Does this make sense? Can you activate the phone after you buy but before you receive it from Amazon?
    Please post if you see the change on Amazon's site before I do. I'll re-post also if I see it change 1st.

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    Just to be completely safe, I've cancelled my Amazon order today and will re-order when the new plans are up on the site.

    Wayne C.
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    So many questions and so few answers! I want to purchase two phones and activate a shared plan, but since the shared plan isn't on the site, I have no way of knowing if the shared plan would count for rebates on both the phones.

    I'm thinking of buying two phones with separate plans, and then upgrading the plan to the shared plan when I activate them. Anyone know if this would work?
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    A friend of mine went for the Amazon deal yesterday. One point to consider is that, for the order placed yesterday, the estimated ship date was about November 6. At that price point, I'd have to guess that shipping lead times will only grow.

    The $50 Sprint rebate must be postmarked by November 16th (according to the JPEG image of the rebate form on Amazon's site), so this doesn't give you too much wiggle room in case of shipping delays. If you wanted the free super-saver shipping, you'd already be looking at ship dates around November 14th.

    So, I advised my friend to just go ahead with the order. The worst case (if they hold him to the plan he [randomly] selected) is that he'll have to return it and try again later.

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    I just noticed that on the right side of the Amazon web page for this phone there is a little box that says "Order by phone & get expert advice on cell phones & service." The number listed is (866) 232-9681.

    Perhaps by calling the number you can get set up with the proper plan?

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    The number to which you refer is the one I called for Amazon. My 'expert' was nice and courteous, but could not change the plan. Worst case sceario would be to buy the Treo with current plan...use current plan long enough to qualify for rebate and then switch to the newer cheaper plans with unlimited data use.

    Maybe tomorrow the site will be updated and the issue will be moot.

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    As a follow-up to my own post above, I called Amazon regarding the shared plan. Amazon doesn't carry shared plans for any carriers and has no plans to, so that is not an option. I called Sprint, and there is no way they would let me merge two plans into one shared plan after the fact, so that is not an option either.
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    I spoke with two different reps at Amazon. Apparently, they do not get all the plans offered by wireless providers. So, if you sign up for a plan on their site...there is no guarantee that you can switch. They were well aware of the unlimited data plan and had received a number of calls. They told me to basically keep checking the website, but she was surprised that it wasn't updated on Friday am. In her mind, she thought they might never get it. On a side note, Handspring is offering the unlimited plan (albiet for the $499 - $50 rebate).
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    I admit I have not followed this too closely, but the plans are with Sprint, right, well Sprint has changed all of our old vision plans to new unlimited without us even calling them, I dont believe they will have pay for data plans at all, so that should not be an issue.
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    I too am interested in this Amazon offer and am thinking of purchasing the Treo 300 thru Amazon.

    A question, has anyone tried calling Sprint to get resolution on this issue of what plan you sign up for?

    I think someone brought up the point, Sprint is the one that activates all of these phones. So they should dictate the plans people sign up for.

    I'm going to call Sprint today, has anyone heard anything else on this?

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    Let us know what they say...
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    I spoke with a Cust. Rep at Sprint PCS. If you call ask for Sales.

    She said that they could work with me to make it work.

    First off, I am an existing customer so they said I can just add the phone to my plan and then drop the old phone. So I won't have to change phone #'s.

    She also said that they could just switch my plan after the first month so I will have the bill to send in to for the $200 rebate.

    I think it will all work out and Sprint seems very willing to work with me to figure it out so I can save the $250 and they can keep me as a customer.

    I ordered the phone so hopefully the rebates will work.

    If you are interested I would order soon. The expected delivery date is already up to: Nov. 5th-12th and that is with the 2 day mail shipping option.

    Good luck to all, thanks for your help and this great board as a resource!
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    Has anyone gotten a Treo 300 from Amazon yet?
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