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    According to the offer, you must only have ordered (have a order receipt) by Nov. 2nd. and you have till Nov. 16th to actually activate service with Sprint for the $50 rebate.

    Apparently some one on this board said you can activate service before you have the phone if the date is approaching and you don't have the phone. ( I would check with Sprint on this)

    For the Amazon $200 rebate, you must purchase by 11/19/02 and send in by 1/17/03 or something.
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    Checked Amazon rebate page for Treo 300.

    Has new Sprint $50 rebate now expires on 12/31/02.

    Also for people sending in rebates, I personally would and plan on sending the rebate in Return Receipt certified mail.

    That way they can't say they never got it. It is a large amt of money at stake with the rebate so I think its well worth the few bucks for return receipt certified mail.

    I hate rebates! I'd rather just get money upfront. But of course they plan on people forgetting about them.

    I myself plan a data book appt. (in new Treo 300) out exactly 10 weeks or whatever time frame is, with a reminder to call on rebate and follow up if I haven't received it yet.

    Being a thorn in the company's side about these rebates ensures that you get them.

    Good luck everyone!
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