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    I spoke with an Amazon rep, and he informed me I was not in an area serviced by Sprint. We are in a fringe area, but I explained that the Radio Shack in town signs up Sprint customers.

    They said it didn't matter, because based on their database, they would not sell me a phone. Anyone else run into this?
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    My guess is that Sprint will let you switch, but will then add 12 months onto your contract. So, to get unlimited data, you're looking at a 2 year contract.
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    I just spoke with Sprint's rebate center, and they told me that they will be having a new $50 rebate offer (same as the old one), but for items purchased between Nov. 1 and some time in December.
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    Couldn't they think of an easier method of getting a $250 treo like making you hop on one leg while balancing a ball on your nose, juggling 3 baseballs and singing "God Bless America"?
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    I have been told by 2 amazon reps that if you don't sign up for one of the new plans (not currently on their site yet), you wont get the rebate.

    The rebate will look to make sure the plan you bought from amazon is the same as you currenlty have (they make you send in a bill)... if they arent the same, the rebate wont be honored.

    Seeing as though they dont have the current plans updated, this makes it impossible to actually get the rebate. They agree with this and tell me to just wait until the plans are up there before ordering.

    this sucks.

    you can check for yourself 866-232-9681
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    This is an interesting catch 22. You have to pick an old plan from Amazon's website, then when you get the phone and call Sprint to activate it, they will tell you that the plan you chose doesn't exist. The old plans don't seem to be offered anymore. No plan includes limited MB of Vision and they all inlude unlimited N/W, so how will this work? This doen't make sense.
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    If you view the rebate, it states:
    "...with a one year service agreement from the designated service provider..."

    I just purchased one and chose a plan that is on Amazon's website. According to this guy, you can just choose a new plan when you go to activate (

    NOTE: The rebate never states that you must choose from one of their plans, just from one of their designated providers.

    I think of providers as Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T, Cingular, etc...

    Man, I hope I'm right - I'll be ticked if I don't qualify for the $200 rebate

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    Amazon must be crazy. That really doesn't make sense from a contractual point of view.

    If you go to their website and sign up under Plan A. Then when you send in your bill for the rebate (you agreed to have Plan A with Amazon) they should be looking for Plan A.

    How can they expect you to have Plan B (which was not available when you signed up and which you didn't agree to have for the rebate.)

    I'll call them, they truly are making this all to complex. My thought is I doubt they truly care which plan you choose they just want proof they signed you up.
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    I was told by two Amazon reps that you have to pick the plan which most closely matches the one you really want (i.e., a 300 minute old plan if you want the 300 minute new plan). Then when you activate your phone, you choose the new plan, and you'd qualify for Amazon's $200 rebate.
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    I have been told the exact opposite already a couple of times and once again today!

    I am going to call them right now and see if they've changed what they are telling people.

    This is getting very confusing.

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    I just got off the phone with an Amazon rep and she said that the answer is definitely NO

    You will not get the rebate unless you wait for the new plans to be updated.

    I'm waiting, it seems safer.


    ps. if anyone else wants to try calling, here's the number (866)232-9681
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    I just called the Amazon toll free # given on this site.

    I spoke with Chris at Amazon.

    He said that they are well aware of the differences in the plans and said that tonight at Midnight, they will be updating their website with the new unlimited data plans.

    He said either one could wait till then to place your order or if you ordered now you could just choose which ever plan $ amt you want and that would be fine and you can sign up for that similiar $ amt plan with unlimited data with Sprint.

    I asked, what if one wanted to choose a higher sprint plan with unlimited data than what was chosen under current plans.

    He said as long as it is one of the plans Amazon has contracted with Sprint to offer you are fine.

    In Summary, Amazon should be updating their website tonight after midnight with new unlimited data plans.

    If you have ordered before this (I did on monday) or want to order now, choose the plan $ amt you want and when the new plans are unveiled you can activate with Sprint for that comparable plan.

    In fact once you activate with Sprint you can choose any plan that Amazon is contracted to offer.

    The way I figure, if Amazon doesn't have the plan I want I can cancel my order. It isn't scheduled to ship till Nov. 7th anyway.

    I hope this helps people.
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    The new unlimited data plans are now available on amazon.
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    Too bad they aren't shipping for 1-2 weeks. Makes it so it's impossible to get the Sprint $50 rebate. Hopefully a new rebate will be available Nov. 1 as someone mentioned.
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    The wait time may be deceptive. I ordered at the beginning of this week and it said arriving between Nov. 7-14.

    Well I just got a notice today saying it shipped today, so I'm sure I'll get it before the Nov. 7-14 (especially since I did 2 day fedex).

    Now I just hope the rebate will work as I signed up under the mb limited data plan and now they have the unlimited plan.

    the guy on the phone said it would, so I'll keep my fingers crossed.

    Getting excited to get my Treo!
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    Originally posted by slffl
    Too bad they aren't shipping for 1-2 weeks. Makes it so it's impossible to get the Sprint $50 rebate. Hopefully a new rebate will be available Nov. 1 as someone mentioned.
    Not quite true. Although you have to buy before 11/2, you have until 11/16 to activate.
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    If you haven't ordered the Treo yet and think you might not make the Nov. 2 deadline for the Sprint rebate (you must receive it by Nov. 16 and activate service that day to receive the $50), then hold off buying the Treo until Nov. 3. I just called Sprint again, and they said their new $50 rebate begins on Nov. 3. And they'll have another one beginning on Nov. 17. Both of these apply to the Treo.
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    Don't forget [edit: the 11/2 rebate] must be postmarked by 11/16 also.
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    The new rebate is valid from 11/3-11-16. I'm sure the postmark date will be two weeks after it expires--around Dec. 1.
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    I'm a little unclear on this.

    I just ordered my Treo from Amazon yesterday.

    I definitely will not get it by Nov. 2 (obviously).

    Should I cancel and re-order it on the 3rd to get new rebate?? or will the one I just placed an order for still qualify??
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