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    What does:

    "DataMgr.c, Line:7025, DmWriteCheck failed"


    It keeps on asking my Treo 270 to reset, and it has happened at least 20 times (!!!!!) in these past couple of days. I have not installed any news software in my 270 for at least a couple of months.

    It happened during HotSync. It happened during the pressing of button from phonebook to calendar. Just all the essential things that you expect your Treo to do....

    I love my Treo 270 (my second, after the 1st one went kaput on the screen), but I REALLY am beginning to doubt its long term durability.

    Has anybody experienced this before, or got the same error message? This is FRUSTRATING....

    Advise/help sought from fellow forumners. I have TreoButton, and all the other 'standard' apps. Anything I should remove?

    Thanks in advance for any response.
    Any other Indonesian Treo users out there?
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    hard resets on your 270....welcome to the fray my jakartian friend....
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    This is most likely a software problem. Probably caused by Treo button or some other software that you have added on.
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    If you hit the UP scroll button after a soft reset, your device will probably boot without showing the error. However, it will do so without initializing any of the apps.

    You should then try to delete the application that you think is causing this error (not an easy task to identify it sometimes, but use the evidence you have re when the problem occurred, etc). After that you can do a normal soft reset.
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    DMWriteCheck error info

    "Fatal Alert DataMgr.c, Line:{number}, DmWritemWriteCheck failed

    This error is usually related to a minor programming issue on a third-party application. For example, a reference database may be using a long character variable when it should not be that data type.

    Our recommendation is to delete the application that is causing this particular variety of Fatal Alert. Then, write a quick email to the software's developer or vendor, notifying them of the bug in their software, so that future revisions can take the bug into account."
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    Do you have MaTreo installed? If so, that maybe the cause. I had similar problems and they got resolved upon removing MaTreo.


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