View Poll Results: Is Dan Harkless *really* Brandon Boyd from Incubus?!?

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  • Yes, I believe he is! Can I get your autograph?

    3 42.86%
  • No, you fool - Dan is much cooler than Brandon!

    2 28.57%
  • This is so off-topic. I\'m going to subscribe you to every mail list I can find.

    2 28.57%
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    That's pretty damn funny. You're one to talk, derek, is that your Halloween costume this year?
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    Ah, NO - I just have a really severe skin condition.

    And you certainly don't have to go pointing it out to everyone either. I'm fairly sensitive about it.


    BTW Dan, if you're reading this - please consider this thread a compliment, not a jab. It's just that for the past few days I've been looking at your avatar and thinking, who does he look like?

    It finally hit me this morning.

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    Well, only took me about 10 years to run across this. :-) In answer to the question, though, no, I am not Brandon Boyd from Incubus. I don't really see the resemblance, but there are a couple of aspects to his face that somewhat resemble my brothers, so there probably is something there.
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    Are you here for your 3 year check up?
    Due to the cancellation of the penny, I no longer give 2 about anything. I may however, give a nickel
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    @Dan... welcome back - been a long time since TreoCentral Dayum... you almost hit the 3-year absence mark on the money (5/29/09 was your last post). Sledge wasn't kidding with the comment - it is time for a checkup! LOL
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    Thanks, guys, and sorry for the slow reply -- things have been a little nuts.

    Yeah, I was visiting because my final Centro was self-destructing, and I wanted to verify there was no easy fix, that it was indeed hardware issues. Generally over the years, I had good luck with refurbs from Sprint, but a few weeks ago my Centro (first or second one I'd had -- can't remember) starting having its keyboard backlight flake out. Sprint did a warranty replacement for a refurb, but the replacement's volume control didn't work for the earpiece speaker, only the speakerphone speaker and headset jack. The replacement for that one had the same exact issue. The replacement for that one had the exact same issue. I got really annoyed with Sprint, having to keep pointing this issue out to them over and over, and having to keep re-explaining what exactly it was that wasn't working. Anyway, the next replacement had a 'G' key that had to be pressed twice as hard as all the other keys on the keyboard. When I tried to replace that, they told me there were no more Centros available from the warehouse. They called around and found one last Centro at a Sprint Store, which I got, and I was thoroughly pleased to find everything working on this unit barring a slightly too-easy-to-slide ringer switch, but unfortunately within a day certain types of sounds stopped playing (I think sounds generated by the MIDI chip, while sounds generated by directly toggling the speaker still played?), and Bluetooth failed, and the earpiece stopped playing audio calls. I visited here to do a search when it was at the point of just certain types of sounds not playing.

    So I'm one of the last Palm OS faithful, finally converting over to Android (been carrying around a work iPhone in addition to my personal Centro, or else I wouldn't have lasted this long without a modern handheld browser). All my key data-manipulating apps have now been ported to Android, which wasn't the case last time I checked. I guess 10 years is pretty good for the platform to have lasted me, but I still find it sad that Palm didn't manage to leverage their early lead in the field.

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