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    I am having a problem getting Basejet to run on my Treo 300 without causing a Fatal Alert. I was told by Basejet support to be sure and delete the application AND the preferences. I deleted the application using the native Delete application but have no idea how to delete the preferences.

    Can somebody tell me how to do that? Do I need a special utility program to go in and delete old preferences?

    Thanks much ...

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    I think deleting the application from the device also deletes any corresponding preferences. There is an app called "Insider" that I sometimes use to delete db's off my device. Have you HotSynced your device twice, once to install the app and reset, and the next to exchange security keys? Maybe a third HotSync is needed? Who knows? Doesn't hurt.
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    If you use the default (standard) Palm Lancher menu "Delete", it will remove any preferences (saved and unsaved) that are associated with the application along with any data files that are tagged with an associated creator ID.

    The reason they told you this is that some 3rd party tools that allow you to delete application also alow you to choose if you are also removing the associated data files and preferences. You have no choice with the built in launcher, so you should be cool.

    It sounds like you might be having a problem with some other applicaitons interaction (or library). I would try doing a warm reset while holding down the up arrow. This will cause the device to not load any hacks, etc. while it is booting and give you a "clean" running system to try. If BJ works then, you should find out what background apps might be running after a normal reset. (Hacks, etc.). If not, it might be a lack of free memory or just a corrupt library file, etc. I'll leave that up to the BJ people and you to find

    --- bry

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