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    Are any of you concerned about the SIM card door? It seems like it could easily fall of and - if you lose the door, you lose your SIM card as well!

    Which begs a few questions:

    Have any of you done anything to better secure your SIM card door?

    And if you lose your SIM Card, does T-Mobile provide a replacement?
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    I noticed the same thing on my 270. The door can easily fall off if it is nudged or brushed the wrong way. I guess a piece of tape would secure it, but do I really want scotch tape on the back of my new $500 PDA?
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    I use old screen protector to tape the sim cover. Its bigger and its not messy like tapes
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    Good idea! What do you use as a screen protector?
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    Scotch tape of course...

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    you guys crack me up......LOL
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    I didn't like the idea of scotch-taping the back door of my Treo!

    Here how I fixed the problem:
    Push up the little plastic latch that closes the door until you almost break it, then put the door back in place.
    From that time on, that problem will be fixed!

    Unfortunately, the door remains loose enough to have the SIM card move around and loose the connection and get the 'Insert SIM Card' message.

    I don't know how to fix that one.
    Any idea?
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    My Caseworks case just showed up last night for the Treo 270. It looks great and fits quite snugly on the Treo. Best of all, it covers the SIM Card door, and prevents it from ever coming loose! I plan on leaving the Treo in this case pretty much all the time. I can even hotsync in it!
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    Yeah I have no choice but to put a scotch tape on it. Can't afford to lose that sim card as well as that Treo part for that matter.
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    I cut a little rectangle of flexible rubber out of an old USB port protector cover that just fits in the little space between the release flap and the door, flush with the back cover. This piece of this rubber keeps the door lock from moving back, so the door cannot open. If I need to get inside (rarely) I can just remove the little piece with tweezers or a pin, and then put it back in when i am done. The rubber is soft, and fits it a little tight, so it does not fall out.
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    And you think for $500, they would have devised a better way to keep the SIM card door from falling off. It's crazy to see that we need to put scotch tape on a little door that has the serial number for our Treo 270, and to hold our SIM(private info too).

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    Imagin calling cutomer sapport to tell them you need a new sim door, what do you think would be the first question they would ask you?...what your sirail#. Just a funny thought, Kinda makes you realize how lame the whole sim door concept is... Even my original Erricson T768i had a neat littel sim slot with a cool eject switch!
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    Received my Treo 270 today.

    Initially I had trouble getting my SIM recognised in the new handset, worked fine in my old Nokia.

    Noticed the SIM door was pretty loose and called Australian Handspring distributor. They are sending a replacement door overnight, as some have loose SIM doors. He also suggested streching the clip so it locks in more tightly.

    I did stretch the clip and it does fit more snugly now.

    Just found out the problem was with my SIM chip. Had it replaced and now my Treo works fine. The door is snug enough to keep the chip in place.

    I will probably keep the replacement door when it arrives anyway.


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