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    With my old free and clear plan when my contract experied I just contined paying the same rate as well as enjoyed all the same perks(minutes,long distance,vocemail) with this new paln will the same thing happen ir could they start charging per mb data after my one year.

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    sorry for the typos getting use to this thumb keypad on my treo.
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    vision has only been out in my area (NY) less than 3 months and already they have completely changed the plans. i don't think anybody could predict what will happen a whole year from now. even if they told you, they would not be 'held' to it at the time.

    when i signed up for the unlimited vision, i asked if i could get the deal for MORE than a year and they said no. so i'm sure the answer is yes, the unlimited plan COULD go away in a year, and i'm sure it depends on how it's working out for sprint's bottom line.

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