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    Hi everyone,

    Is it just me, or is there a major problem with Sprint PCS' website? I've had problems logging on, or just going beyond their home page without logging on, and this was before they announced their much cheaper new rates!

    Might be another way to get some bucks out of them -- they encourage you to avoid speaking to a real person, but then you can't access their web site at all!!

    Mercenary feelings aside, it's extremely annoying. At the moment, I can't even log in to change my account settings so that I can use Vision the way I want it to. And I did want to activate my new Treo online... but had to settle for the phone, and then the customer rep couldn't do it through the automated way, and had me do it manually for him.


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    I haven't had any problems getting there, just problems using certain parts of the site that are broken.

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