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    Finally bought my Treo 300 at the local Sprint store Saturday morning, and it was a very pleasant experience, and so far all is well and up and running.

    I was switching my number from a previous old cell phone also with sprint, and I asked for the $50 rebate because I went from a $30 month plan to the new $30 for three months then $40 a month including unlimited Vision.

    The three Sprint reps who waited on me and who were in all respects polite and helpful were positive that the $50 instant rebate only applied if I bought a new phone line and not just a new phone. I contended that buying the PCS vision service was a new line of service, but it was clear they believed what they were saying; I had a lot more important things to do on Saturday and didn't care to ruin it arguing for an hour and so I bought my phone and left otherwise happy and am enjoying it.

    But 1) Was I right or were they? and 2) If I was right, what are the chances of getting the $50 rebate now (no longer "instant") by sending in the coupon?

    Since I argue for a living, I don't care to do it on my own personal time, at least not for fifty bucks, but it would have been the frosting on the Treo 300 cake.

    Love the Treo!!!

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    P.S. What I had to do the rest of the day was with my family, which is why I considered it more important. And of course I was anxious to start playing with the Treo not to mention showing off what it can do.

    Also, although the sales reps obviously did not know as much about the Treo as one can learn on this board etc., they were far better informed and interested in being helpful than the reps described in some of the horror stories I read here, so for that I am grateful to give credit where credit was due.


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