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    As I travel a lot, I cannot run the Personal Edition software on my laptop, as I turn it off to travel. So I installed the software on my admin's desktop computer which is running all the time. When I installed the Business Connection software on her PC, I supplied my userid, my domain and my password. However, my SprintPCS Treo 300 Business Connection client is now getting _her_ email.

    How do I set the software up on her machine as my delegate?
    Or how do I set it up on my machine... but it runs on her machine when I'm not on?

    I can no longer download the PC software from Instead, when I go there, it logs me into her email.

    Bill Petro
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    Although I can't answer your main question regarding getting the incorrect e-mail until I take a look at my BC software at the office tomorrow, I can tell you that if you log into BC using a web browser and go to "settings" (upper right corner), you will find the option to download the desktop software on the settings page.

    I'll try to investigate and get back to you on your other issue tomorrow.

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    From the BC User Guide:

    "Note: To enable others to share your PC, you must register for a PCS Business
    Connection Personal Edition account and be a PCS customer with PCS Web
    service. PCS Business Connection Personal Edition service is not available while
    roaming. Certain features of PCS Business Connection Personal Edition may not
    work with the connection sharing feature."

    Is your Admin a PCS BC user?


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